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10 Best Alternatives To Zillow For Buying & Selling Properties


Zillow is a free service that allows owners to list their homes or property for sale. It also launches mobile search tools and has a smartphone app in which users can view the property values and estimates.

Zillow offers the service for free and hence is very popular among netizens who are hunting for real estate to purchase. But even Zillow has its demerits. Here are some of the dowsides of Zillow:

  • Zestimate, the property evaluation tool created by Zillow, is not very reliable and risks generating misleading results.
  • Sometimes the leads generated may be low quality and/or non-responsive.
  • Bugs in the Zillow algorithm may sometimes cause it to promote non-listing agents alongside listings that are not theirs.
  • Does not provide adequate and real-time information regarding the property.

Top Sites That Are Considered As Best Zillow Alternatives 

Zillow is definitely overrated and many people remain unaware of its inadequacies only until they have used it themselves. Here are 10 alternatives that prove to be better and more reliable than Zillow.

1. Redfin

Redfin is the most advanced technology available in a smartphone. It automatically gives notifications about the customer searching criteria and offers a lot of technical options. A consumer can save the search results and for more specific search results they can use the filter option.

Redfin is consumer-centric, hence one can relax and not have to worry about common stressors in the real estate field.


  • It does not charge any additional fee for the brokerage
  • Redfin displays budget-friendly and cost-effective real estate (as opposed to overpriced real estate)
  • Redfin is consumer-centric and user friendly
  • Uses state of the art algorithm to generate results
  • Assigns experienced real estate agents to guide you through the selected real estate

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is an advertising website in the USA. It is exclusively free to use and allows users to search for a home, apartment, and garage sales ads. Apart from real estate, it also advertises job vacancies, vehicles, and even personal ads.

People can easily connect with sellers and buyers near them through Craigslist. It offers a search tool that allows users to choose the category they want and obtain specific results.


  • Craigslist established a flagging system to avoid illegal posting.
  • It is free to use.
  • It is your one-stop destination for advertisements from real estate to vehicles to job vacancies.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Craigslist utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to generate desired search results.

3. Realtor

According to a recent survey, Realtor is the second-most visited real estate website. This company allows users to search for real estate listings with ease and get reliable details regarding them.

It makes the process of real estate hunting very easy and helps to connect users to genuine real estate agents.


  • Realtor is very easy to use
  • It makes real estate hunting a simple process
  • Its search tools are highly efficient
  • It generates a greater volume of listings
  • It provides only good quality real estate leads

4. Forsalebyowner.com

There are many reasons to choose Forsalebyowner.com for help in buying or selling real estate. Forsalebyowner.com helps to save the cost involved in the purchase or sales of real estate by not demanding any commission for its services.

People can sell their houses by themselves without the need to pay any real estate agent. Because of this feature, it is named “for sale by owner “.


  • Empowers real estate buyers and sellers by providing required tools and not directing them to real estate agents
  • No charges or commission for services provided
  • Forsalebyowner.com values transparency
  • Provides all the necessary details regarding selected real estate
  • Helps to save a lot of money

5. Homesnap

Homesnap is an online platform for real estate. The features on the website include map-based search and provide detailed information about the property.

It also has an app where it is possible to post a picture of a home or other properties and people can list out the information about their house with greater ease. This app is available for all technology devices like android smartphones, iPhones, smartwatches, Apple tv.


  • Homesnap is user friendly
  • It is mobile friendly and also utilizes app technology
  • Homesnap is directly linked with the MLS
  • It provides real-time information regarding the property
  • Homesnap allows users to communicate directly with the real estate agent

6. Trulia

Trulia is also an online residential real estate website. Trulia is included under Zillow and hence it is quite similar to Zillow.

But Trulia offers a very unique experience to users. Apart from information about the real estate, it also provides information about the neighborhood that the real estate is located in.


  • Its unique crime map data helps to determine the safety of the community
  • Trulia provides information about the neighborhood as well
  • Its presentation of search results is different from that of Zillow
  • It is specifically directed at generating residential real estate listings
  • Trulia is free to use

7. Real estate ABC

Real estate ABC helps to provide professional, knowledgeable, and experienced services. It is very user-friendly and client-centric. It provides sellers with tools that allow them to obtain make a reasonable profit from their saleS. The process of buying and selling is smooth and tension free thanks to Real estate ABC.


  • Provides reliable information based on in-depth real estate market research
  • Makes the process of selling and buying property hassle-free
  • Real estate ABC is client-centric and user friendly
  • Provides expert support to clients
  • Offers useful tips and hints in the purchase and sale of real estate

8. Apartment.com

Apartment.com is one of the leading online apartment listing websites. It is supported by a massive professional team. When a client visits this website they can see the images of the property and obtain all the information about it.

The team helps to connect clients with the apartment owners, property managers,s and sellers. The team also collects real-time information about the property and verifies it before uploading it to the website.


  • It offers some features like map and travel time features
  • It helps the client to search results based on specific locations
  • It is supported by a professional team of experts
  • It provides verified, real-time information about properties
  • It also provides rental property listings

9. OfferMarket

OfferMarket is an online real estate marketplace that helps to connect sellers and buyers so that they can share their property data without much difficulty.

It helps to make real estate transactions very simple and safe. OfferMarket helps to make the process of selling property quick.


  • It utilizes a highly intelligent technology transparent process.
  • It helps to make the process of purchasing and selling real estate hassle-free
  • It helps make real estate sales happen quickly
  • It provides sellers with tools required to make more profit from the sale of real estate
  • It is very easy to use

10. Wallclassifieds

Wallclassifieds is your go-to website that offers a variety of listings from real estate to vehicles to job vacancies to pets and more.
Wallclassifieds makes it very easy to search for real estate listings thanks to its amazing tools and a powerful search engine.


  • It uses a powerful search tool to generate listings
  • It helps satisfies various needs of users
  • It is very user friendly
  • It helps to provide both local and global listings of real estate
  • It helps to provide reliable and verified details and listings


No doubt that Zillow is the leading marketplace for real-estate, however, it has some disadvantages and hence people look for some Zillow alternatives. I hope that I have listed some effective resources to meet your requirements. Share your priceless thoughts with me!

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