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Windows 9 & Windows 10

Windows 8 has just completed one year and while we are still waiting for Windows 8.1 to roll out there are speculation and rumors all around the web about the details on the next OS.

Microsoft usually puts a few years in between versions to keep things steady. However, the company may be speeding things up, as, according to WZOR (who has been behind the numerous Microsoft leaks in the past), it’s rumored that Windows 9 is planned for release sometime next year.

According to him it is unlikely to see too many changes in Windows 9. For the most part it would be similar to existing platform apart that Microsoft is working to bring back the aero interface of Windows 7 to Windows 8 with some changes. The source also claims that Windows 9 may debut as early as next year. Beyond this, no additional details are provided.


Talking about Windows 10, Microsoft is apparently planning lots of changes, which may include the “Cloud OS”, meaning that all of the processing and computing would be done on Microsoft’s servers and, be streamed to your computer, completely eliminating the need for a powerful rig and only requiring basic bits to run peripherals and such. Windows 10 would be new cloud service for Microsoft, on top of Office 365 and Xbox One.

For a full Cloud OS, its users need very fast, reliable ,always-on Internet Connections. While broadband access and performance has certainly improved over the past several years, still we’re nowhere near the point where full cloud computing will make sense for the average Windows user at home.


The future of Windows RT is also under consideration as the source also claims at Microsoft plan to merge Windows Phone and Windows RT which have been going around since long.

Though it’s just a rumor, it is highly unlikely to be true. It’s a lot too early to talk about either Windows 9 or Windows 10. The resources for cloud computing is there but still the world is not full ready for it. However Microsoft has got a track of successful record with its desktop OS.

Since Microsoft is still looking for a leader, there may be much more changes that are likely to occur before the next OS go live.

Until then, we’re still waiting for Windows 8.1’s release in October, so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

Update: Microsoft Windows 9 will not be available and thus we will wait for Windows 10.

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