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Windows 8.1 (The New Windows)

Microsoft had their nerves going all swelled up just after the release of the Windows 8.1, as all their hopes were on this OS which they considered the future of OS. The preview version was launched a while back and the cracked versions of the OS made a huge way into the holics and the windows users. But just what was needed by the users was this, the all new update of their Windows 8 OS. The all new update is now available in the Microsoft Store, just where you want it.


Windows 8.1


What’s New ???

It was a rumor that the Windows 8 OS has been renewed for 8.1 just to give it the start button everyone longed for, but the all new OS has a lot more to offer. Here in this article we’ll tell you about some of the new and exciting features of this update plus the basic tutorials of how to use it.




Bing Smart Search 

Earlier while using the search option for the main tiles window, you used to go to the start and type the necessary keywords for the app to open. This feature has been modified to a newer extent, now you can search your whole PC plus the WORLD WIDE WEB both at the same time. No need to open the browser, just type the keywords and search whatever you need, play a song, make a chat or anything else you want.

Bing Smart Search

Bing Smart Search


You just need to go to the start button and type the words that you want to search, no matter what it is, a song, a command, an app or anything.


Multi Panels

Previously in the windows 8 we saw how we could place the different apps and desktop on the single screen we’ve got but with 8.1 we can bring upto 4 panels on the screen and moreover it enhances the way you look and use your screen.

Windows 8.1 Multi Panels


Better Start Screen

The new windows have a unique feature of resizing your tiles depicting different apps to a whole new extent, resize your tiles, place them wherever you want and use them. Moreover, the screen has been configured so that it looks a little bit less conjusted this time. Before this, all those programs, you installed used to gather around in that screen and remain there untill you remove them. This time we have a small arrow pointing downwards that lead you to all the apps or programs you have downloaded. Place them on the main screen, remove them etc. This makes it a whole lot easier to use.



The interesting thing is that you can also see the slideshow of your pictures on your lock screen. Isn’t that cool.

Browse Better

Windows 8.1 has brought with itself the all new Internet Explorer 11, that not only gives you a better and faster load time but with that a full screen option where you can do side-by-side browsing too.



A plus with the browser is that, you get a real time experience using it, that you cannot get from any other browser, it simply adds up the info you want to get over the internet to your start screen.



The advent of this new OS from Microsoft might bring the revolution that the giants want, but one thing is assured, that you’ll get a real time experience that you missed in Windows 8.

One can easily find the update from the store, just go to the start screen>store and type windows 8.1. > Search. The update is available there. If not please visit the link given here– Windows 8.1



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