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What is Wifi Amplifier and How Does It Work?

Now a days most of the people use Wi-Fi connections to connect to the internet for their devices, and many got used to it.

But one of the biggest challenges is that many Wi-Fi users are facing weak signal or no signal. Even with Wi-Fi router also they face this kind of problems. 

Usually, we all may have some places in home or office where we don’t get full signal, or no signals and those signal fewer spots are called as dead spots.

We may have experienced this problem, or even we may have heard from someone that some places do not get signals, where our wireless routers signal never works, or it even never reaches that spot.

Even after contacting to Wi-Fi provider and following some tutorials also gives the same result for most of the people. This is just because of the dead spot in the house; it may be anywhere.

We purchase Wi-Fi to browse freely from anywhere in our house, but due to some dead spot we can’t connect with Wi-Fi.

Now to rectify these problems you can make use of Wi-Fi amplifier to improve Wi-Fi signal.


What is Wi-Fi amplifier?

A Wi-Fi amplifier is a normal device that can improve the strength of a wireless connection and increase Wi-Fi signal and gives you a faster connection to the internet with speed.

The Wi-Fi amplifier is also called as Wi-Fi signal amplifier or Wi-Fi booster, and even some may also call Wi-Fi booster as Wi-Fi repeater.

Wi-Fi signal amplifier is somewhat similar to Wi-Fi repeater, but it is not exactly the Wi-Fi repeater.

There is a huge confusion in terms of buyers between wifi amplifiers, wifi repeaters, Wi-Fi extenders but practically they all work in the same manner with same features but with the slight difference.

Some experts say they both or same and some argue that they are not wifi amplifiers so let’s know the difference between them and its working process.

Difference Between Wi-Fi Booster & Wi-Fi Repeater 

This Wi-Fi booster and Wi-Fi repeater (or Wi-Fi extenders ) work pretty same with minor differences:

Wi-Fi Booster

Wi-Fi Booster is a Wi-Fi amplifier which increases your Wi-Fi signal, and it also enhances your wifi signal strength in dead spots.

Working of Wi-Fi Booster

The Wi-Fi Booster is a Wi-Fi signal amplifier which connects with the “antenna” or “wireless routers” and it creates significant signals and strong Wi-Fi connections.

It amplifies the Wi-Fi signals from the wireless router and makes it stronger to pass through the objection areas and dead spots.

This kind of Wi-Fi signal amplifiers requires an external power source to transform itself as a Wi-Fi- signal amplifier. And then it transmits the signals to other spots and makes it even more stronger and faster to connect.

Wi-Fi Repeater

Wi-Fi repeater works same as the amplifiers, but it does not create another antenna. It’s just an external device which one can connect to the wireless router. Wi-Fi- repeater is as similar as Wi-Fi-extender because they are used for the same purpose.

Working of Wi-Fi Repeater

Technically, “Wi-Fi Repeater” takes the signals from your wifi router, and it amplifies those signals and rebroadcast those amplified signal in the dead zone and extends your Wi-Fi connectivity.

It only amplifies the signals coming from Wi-Fi router. It does not act as a medium or does not create a channel in that antenna as Wi-Fi amplifier. So it’s different from that of a Wi-Fi booster.

Similarly, there are some devices which are called as Wi-Fi amplifiers, but practically many devices will not amplify a single signal.

It’s just named under Wi-Fi- amplifier’s with different names and experts use these names very often in which they give suggestions or answers for their clients, customers, etc.

You all might be thinking that is its necessity to buy a Wi-Fi amplifier!

I suggest you follow tips; you can decide and think.

So, When You Must Purchase Wi-Fi Amplifier?

First of all, if your Wi-Fi has issues try the below steps to rectify. If your problem is solved then, you can save some money or else try to buy a best Wi-Fi amplifier.

First and foremost thing is to switch off your Wi-Fi router and remove all the plugs and wires connected to it. Then wait for few minutes and then re-plug all the wires and switch on the device. • This may solve the problem of your wifi because I have seen this working for few of them around me.

Second: Try to change the location of your wifi router and keep it in a comfortable place where you can get signals. Changing the position of wifi router will help for a few.

Third and last: Check whether your Wi-Fi device has an upgrade or not, some older wifi which are not upgraded may cause issues. So it’s better to check whether your wireless device is having an upgrade or not.

If it has an upgrade version, then it’s better to upgrade it, to solve your problems quickly as the modern wireless modems are better and using more advanced process.

Finally, if your problem didn’t solve with these steps, then it’s better to buy a Wi-Fi amplifier or Wi-Fi extender by your way of comfort.


Finally, with the help of Wi-Fi amplifier or Wi-Fi booster you can get access to Wi-Fi signal virtually from everywhere near your Wi-Fi reach and with the Wi-Fi repeater you can easily double your area of reach and connect.

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