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Why Windows Operating System Is Better Than Android?

Today, most of the devices in the market, either it is a tablet or mobile phone, run on Google’s Android operating system. Devices with android come in every budget range, from low to high, are made by a vast number of manufactures like Samsung, LG, Motorolla, etc. giving its customers and users with a plenty opportunities to choose from.

When we talk about Microsoft’s Windows operating system, there are fewer options to choose from as only a limited number of manufacturers make these devices and these devices mainly fall in the higher budget range. Despite of fewer or larger, it’s easy to differentiate among the two operating systems when it comes to the interface, because Google and Microsoft have taken very different tactics and approaches.


Both operating systems have their own visual style. The Android UI is different in a couple of vital ways, though: it allows you to drop widgets (interactive, data rich panels) as well as shortcuts onto home screens, and to hide less frequently used apps away in the app drawer. While in in some respects, windows OS works well on a tablet and phones, like links to apps and web pages are showed in the form of a continuous grid of sideways scrolling tiles, which can be moved around, grouped and resized. It looks very different from Android and most of the users enjoy this experience very much. It also looks so appealing and attractive for users because of scrolling tiles in several different colors.

According to the recent versions of laptops and tablets of windows OS, by adding a keyboard, mouse and external monitor, our Windows tablet can turns into a full desktop machine; but Android cannot compete with that level of versatility. While you can run any Windows application on a Windows 8 tablet, the number and quality of applications designed for touchscreens are available through the Windows Store simply can’t compete Google’s android. Another advantage of using windows OS from the user’s point of view is that they love their flexibility for multitasking, plug and play of USB devices from cameras to scanners to printers to external storage, full featured security and firewall packages, ability to run more CPU intensive apps, regular patches and updates, bit locker encryption to secure files if lost/stolen.

Basically, Windows Developers are focused on making your device dedicated to each person’s personal tastes and needs. After initial startup and setup is completed, you will not find another Windows Phone exactly like yours. If we look at the other side, you will find plenty of iPhones and Android smartphones that look the same as everyone elses. This personal experience is protracted to services and communication methods as well. While we can’t say that Windows OS is perfect, because Microsoft continues to improve the operating system more and Windows 8.1 is a revolutionary update. Developers continue to roll out apps for Windows Phone and the stability of the platform can’t be beat. Roll on Windows Phone, roll on. Windows Rocks!!

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