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What Can You Expect from an Error 404 Page?

Mistakes happen all the time, one of the most common online being typing in the wrong URL. Usually, when that happens for a specific site, an Error 404 page comes up informing them of that fact. To some, they seem drab and blindingly obvious, but some website owners have decided to have a little fun with them, producing striking results.

A good 404 page should tell you that what you’re looking for isn’t there and to be more helpful, direct you to the homepage or have a search widget. While some of the examples we’re about to show you don’t have all that, they’re a lot less drab and uninspiring than the typical error page! Take a look for yourself:

Litabi 1 - Zivity

Zivity’s 404 page is pretty easy to understand, and it raises a few smiles too.

Litabi 2 - Deaxon

This example from Deaxon is a little more verbose, but it’s helpful in persuading visitors to get what they want.

Litabi 3 - STudentMarket

Studentmarket clearly had a lot of fun making this one, plus it at least says that a 404 message is bad!

Litabi 4 - Virgin Holidays Cruise

Ever been stranded on a desert island? Well, this 404 page by Virgin Holidays Cruises enables you to navigate your way off – nice touch!

Litabi 5 - PatternTap

This picture of crying stereotypical geeks sums up how some in IT feel about them, hence this effort from PatternTap!

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