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12 Websites To Learn The English Language Online

As we all know that language is the source of human interaction and communication and different languages are spoken around the world. So if you go to any specific country you need to learn the language of that specific country.

But English is the only language which acts as a protocol between two different language speaking people. In short, we can say that English is the most common language which is spoken everywhere.

So if you go abroad or at such place where your mother language is not spoken, then English is the only language which helps you to communicate with the people. 

Even if you want a good writing job or want to secure high-rank position then your English should be very good and accurate. So for this purpose, you should need to learn the English language. 

There are many ways to learn the English language and several websites are also available. But through this blog post, I will let you know the top 12 sites to learn English Language online.

12 Helpful Websites To Aquire The English Knowledge


1) Ego4u

EGO4U is the site which focused on the English grammar tactics with a lot of fun. So on this site, you will learn the English language with full entertainment. It offers you different categories to learn English.

Like you can learn English by grammar exercises Vocabulary exercises, by English writing such as punctuation etc. the most important thing for this website is that it doesn’t need registration; just visit it and learn it.

It also helps you check your errors and improve your grammatical issues and build your sentence structure. If you specifically looking site to improve your Grammatical skills, then visit GrammarLookup.com which is a free grammar checking and spelling mistake correcting tool. 

2) Elllo

This site is very interesting because it has different activities from which you can easily learn English. The activities include the Views, Videos, Mixer, New Center, Games, Scenes, Audio Notes etc.

It also provides many things like correcting your spelling issues making your grammar perfect detecting plagiarism etc.

Besides this Punctuationcheck.com is also a great site which also has features of punctuation checker and modifying contextual spelling issues.

3) TalkEnglish

This is the best website to improve your English which has several lessons on it. The most attractive thing about this site that it doesn’t require any registration to learn speaking English. TalkEnglish also provides its own Android and iPhone/iPad app.

4) Funeasyenglish

English learning here is a fun just as its name suggests. It offers the amazing source to learn English grammar as well as spoken.

This website daily updates its content with new words and with interesting content. So learning English here is quite easy.

5) Busuu

Busuu is one of the most important and professional places to learn English. This site offers you to learn several languages as well which includes Spanish, German, French, Italian and more. 

One thing which is important to know about it is that this website requires registration and then only you can learn the language but the process is free.

6) Go4English

It has the best resources that can help you increase your English language knowledge. You can learn in all 3 major forms of learning including, video, text, and audio. This website is free for everyone to learn English.

7) Bab.la

Bab.la online English learning website contains different verses of English words from 27 different countries around the globe. Each word has the pronunciation guide as well along with translation in other languages so that you can learn English in your own language using a translator.

8) English Central

It’s not just an English teaching website, but it’s more than that. Here, you can watch and dub the same words from any movies or TV show scenes and send it to the site to get feedback regarding your pronunciation. 

The site provides Movies, News or Commercials along with subtitles, thus you won’t find it difficult or worry about tracking the accent.

As it sounds more advanced, it sneaks into your pocket too. This service is gonna cost you a little amount, so think before jumping into it.

9) Lyrics Training

If you are into music and want to learn English, then this is the best thing for you to learn English Online. Lyrics training present you a song, when you are listening to the song, you will notice missing lyrics which are meant to be filled with lyrics by you. 

According to me, it’s one of the best ways to learn English, as you will get music to listen as well.

10) Fraze.it

Fraze.it is an application that is available on the internet which holds an enormous amount of example headlines and phrases from major news publications like CNN, New York Times. By seeing these examples, you can learn how words are being used in the English language.

11) Lang-8

Here is one more online English learning website. You can be the master of writing the English language by writing English on this site, which is further corrected by native English speakers. Along with English, Lang-8 supports other foreign languages.

12) Test Your English

Well, after learning the English language, now, it’s time for a test. Test your English is a Vocabulary testing website. The main focus of this test is to check your knowledge regarding vocabulary. 

Then it compares your score with the native English speaking people’s score to provide a perfect overview of your English knowledge.

Wrapping Up

Now, it’s on you whether to learn it or lose opportunities. Do note that, English is the most important language in this current ongoing world. Thus, learn it properly through the right resources.

I hope that I have provided some useful sites to Learn English language online. If you know any other helpful site, share the details in the comment section. 

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