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How To Watermark Multiple Images At Once?

Watermarking photo is a necessary step before uploading them online. Whether you’re a blogger, a photographer or a webmaster, it’s important to add a watermark to your images for two main reasons.

First of all, because you need to protect your authentic content. By placing a text or logo mark on your pictures, you inform every internet user of the ownership of that content. Since it’s your original work, it can’t be used without your consent.

Another reason why watermarking is advisable has to do with its marketing potential. By having your signature on a photo, you create an identity for yourself and make it easier for people to recognize your work. Moreover, you get to expand your visibility and bring visitors to your website or blog.

So, we know that watermarking can be truly beneficial. I have already listed some free Watermarking tools to add either the text or logo on the images. But I should admit that the free tools have limited features. 

Now let’s see how we can insert a watermark into our images promptly.

If you’re dealing with a larger collection of photos that require watermarking, the best solution is to resort to a tool developed to handle batch processing, such as PhotoMarks.

Watermark Photos On Mac And PC In No Time


PhotoMarks is an app specially-built to watermark images in bulk. Developed for both Windows and Mac operating systems, the tool allows users to add text and logo marks and adjust them to their liking.

Customization options include the possibility to adjust the position, rotation or scale of the watermark, to set its transparency, apply a tile mode, change the color, font or size of the text or apply a special effect like stroke and shadow. You can customize the logo or text exactly how you want.

PhotoMarks is a great alternative for people who need to protect and brand their images because it’s quite easy to use in comparison to a complex tool like Photoshop.

With PhotoMarks all you have to do is add your photos, apply the desired watermark and edit it and then choose your destination folder.

That’s all it takes, three, easy-to-follow steps. It’s also worth mentioning that the app offers previews for every step you take, to make your task simpler.

Besides being user-friendly, PhotoMarks is also a productivity booster. The app comes with support for multicore processors, which means you can watermark multiple images at the same time in one session, in a fast and efficient manner.

To take your productivity further, you have the option to save your settings as profiles and use them later for another batch of photos.

This means you won’t have to apply the same edits and go through the same process every time, which will help you gain considerable time and energy.

Watermark Photos On iPhone

In addition to the desktop-based version, PhotoMarks also offers a watermark app for iOS. The mobile version is the perfect solution for those who’re looking to watermark images on the go and then upload them to social media platforms.

The app lets you add both text and logo marks, fully customize them with just a few taps and then directly share them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or send them via email.

Wrapping Up

How do you feel if someone copies your great quality images that took a lot of efforts and time? What would you do if they publish as their own and didn’t give any credits? It would be a painful moment, right?

To avoid such discomfort, it’s better to watermark the images that you have created or captured. You may use the tool, PhotoMarks to watermark multiple images. Just give a try, you won’t be let down. Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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