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VPN – Best Tool To Protect Your Internet Privacy

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a network which is created to connect the private network such an organization’s internal network.

It is used to add privacy and security to these private networks as they are helpful is protecting sensitive data over the network.

We generally come across VPN these days on Internet when it comes to privacy. In simple terms, VPN is the firewall for the web.


Just like the Firewall protects your computer’s privacy and makes it more secure, VPN protects your data on the web.

Is my Data Insecure on the Web?

Whenever you browse the internet, your data is sent in the form of packets or information through one server to other. There are many possibilities that these servers may be hacked and your data might leak.

Due to this, your information like your location, IP Address, personal details might fall into the wrong hands. As you know the cyberpunks and hackers are very smart in playing the intrusion codes to steal our web data. 

How VPN Protects my Data?

When you are on a VPN, it encrypts your data before transferring using the advanced encryption protocols which can only be decrypted at the receiving end.

Hence, there is no chance for any external network to read the data even if it gets leaked. These days, VPNs are more secured and they provide 100% guarantee for no-data-loss and hijacking protection.

What are VPN Protocols?

At present, there are 3 major network protocols used for VPN tunnels, IPsec, PPTP, and L2TP.

IPSec – These are the set of protocols developed by Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) which provides data security at the IP Packets level. The packets are exchanged with 2 encryption modes, Transport, and Tunnel.

PPTP – Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol is an old set of protocols developed by Microsoft which are not more recommended. PPTP uses GRE and TCP control channel to transfer to PPP packets. These set of protocols have many security flaws due which they have become obsolete.

L2TP – Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol is an extension to PPTP and it doesn’t provide any encryption or security on its own. It is used to connect the Virtual Private Network over the Internet.

What are Free VPN Services?

Free VPN Services are the VPN Providers who provide these secured VPN protocols without charging anything from the consumer but with some restrictions over the network. Although they are safe and can be trusted, the restrictions on their network might cause some issues.

If you are a casual consumer who is just looking to protect the identity and data on the web without any additional requirements, you can go with the Free VPN Services.

Are VPN Services available for Mobile?

Yes, they are! Considering the increasing number of mobile consumers, VPN Providers have developers applications for all the mobile platforms.

You can manually set-up the VPN Protocols through the settings of your phone if your VPN Provider has provided you with the protocols or you can download the Apps which automatically creates the VPN for your on your device.

Other Benefits of VPN

Apart from security and privacy, VPN can be helpful is avoiding censorship and surveillance over the network.

Along with this, you can also access to blocked websites and Internet Services like Skype, YouTube even if they have been blocked by your ISP without leaving any personal footprints.

Final Words

I hope that you have understood why VPN is used and yes it is to enhance your internet experience and decrease your data loss frustration.

However, I would advise you choose the best-trusted VPN providers to protect your online identity. Do you have anything to tell about VPN? Please share your valuable suggestions in the comment section!

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