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Using Case Studies in a Training

Case study is part of training but it is major tool to improve and gain knowledge.  Case studies are real time scenarios which explain who the problem is over come in different methods. It emphasizes detailed and contextual analysis for a problem.

There is a situation in an organization in which individual is not capable to solve a problem, so organization has planned a group of professionals to resolve the situation. That problem is been documented and forwarded to the group of professionals for solvation. Each and every one has their own opinion to resolve the issue quickly and smartly, they prepare possible ways to over with the issue. Finally there will be a meeting where all the group of professional are seated and discuss and share their taught about problem solving which is documented. The leader of the group will suggest the best solution to solve the problem or issue. The complete process is documented and used for future. This is called as case study.


In terms case study is a real time problem which is documented with solution. This type of problem may occur in future. So some of the best institutes and training centres will collect case studies and teach the students with them. This may resolve in increasing student’s ability to face the problem and finding the best ways to solve the problem. Sometimes institutes and coaching centres explain a scenario and ask their students to resolve it.

Some of the institutes and coaching centres give their students a dummy scenario as case study and ask them to solve. Students will involve and utilize all their skills which are learned in training and go towards to the problem using their knowledge. Case needs dedication and problem solving skills these are trained in very few coaching centres or training institutes.

Use of case studies in coaching or training:

  • A best tool to learn real time scenarios.
  • Student will be aware of the problems that are faced earlier so they find solutions quicker for the upcoming situations and problems
  • Most of the training institutes and coaching centres train their students with case studies at the last classes to strengthen their abilities in problem solving.
  • After getting a job, use case studies which are held in training and coaching are useful in problem solving and thinking towards solutions faster.
  • Increase team commitment and participation.
  • Choosing the right choice from multiple options.
  • Plays as an important key player in team by practice.
  • Improves problem solving skills
  • Improves your capability to face problems
  • Improves your stability towards selection of right choice to solve problems or issues.

Case studies are very important in professional life; choose your training institute or coaching which conducts case studies as a part of your course. It helps in improving all the sensory parts and improves your capacity to be part of a team. Practice more and more case studies which are given in institutes, if needed purchase some case study guides available in market. Do some research you’ll get large number of case studies online, practice it and get the solutions; compare it with the answers.

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