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Trends In Video Game Design That Will Change The Future Of The Industry

Most of us love to play the video games and online PC games to chill out at our hectic work. 

When talking about the future of gaming industry, one thing that you can never leave out is technology. Over the years, gaming trends and designs have been widely influenced by the evolution of technology.

If you approach legends in this industry, they will tend to agree that the trends in video game design highly depend on technological evolution.

According to a PwC report, the advancements in technology in the game industry is expected to lead to a 4.8% annual revenue growth rate to this industry globally through 2020.

Experts in this field are always on the lookout for emerging technological trends to incorporate with game designs.

To understand these advancements, let’s take a better look at some of the top technological trends and how they influence the gaming industry.

Technological Trends In Gaming 


1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Among the ruling technologies in recent times is virtual reality. Although the existence of virtual reality dates to roughly a century ago, it has recently portrayed some form of vibrancy and hence making an impact on game trends.

Virtual reality has evolved the gaming graphical quality to the extent that it becomes difficult to differentiate between a game and a real-life scenario.

Developers of virtual reality headsets have also been working tirelessly to ensure that gamers have an experience that is fully immersive in the system.

For example, the Oculus Rift has changed the VR headset concept of the past to introduce a 110-degree field view.

Recently, Technavio conducted an international gaming market research. In their report, the adoption of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in game design will cause the industry a 7% market growth between 2018 and 2022.

2. Cloud Gaming

In recent times, the momentum in cloud computing technology has been propelled by the availability of faster and reliable internet connections. The irrefutable fact is that the industry is seeking the opportunity to make the accessibility of games as easy as that of movies and music.

When it comes to cloud gaming, your access to high-quality updates of games is made easier. All that you need is a stable connection to the internet.

Its aim is to ensure that we no longer rely on consoles or PCs as the source of powerful graphics. This is to be dealt with in the cloud or rather, the remote server.

The concept of cloud gaming is the same as that of streaming a video. The difference is that cloud gaming is interactive.

3. Augmented Reality (AR)

The experience that comes with augmented reality is incredible. AR will feed you with digital real-time experience of the authentic physical environment, data overlay, and some additional information.

A good example of an app that has incorporated AR is Droid Shooting, which allows the player to have a real-time interaction with the surrounding.

Another potential AR element was Pokémon Go, where the game brings complete strangers together over the same mission.

Microsoft has also come up with an AR accessory know as Microsoft IllumiRoom. It enhances gamers experience by using the surroundings and also projects games on furniture and walls around. This proves that there is a wide range of opportunities for introducing interesting AR games.

Being an expert in the development and writing of video game concepts, game designer Dooma Wendschuh would certainly agree that utilizing such concepts in game design will bring about a revolutionary in the industry.

Wrapping Up

The emerging trends in game design portray an enlightened future in terms of monetization as well as engagement in the industry.

The integration of technology in the industry will most certainly bring forth sophisticated devices, gaming titles, as well as consoles.

Gamers should be ready to experience more stimulating games in the next coming future. Are you a game lover? What is your thought on my opinion about the tech trends of video gaming? 

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