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Top 10 Internet Browsers of 2016

I have already discussed some useful browser tips and tricks and now let me consolidate some the top 10 internet browsers through this post. 

The year started off with a new hope for the improvements of science and technology. The security patterns have changed in computers; operating systems have already got patches and web has become as less vulnerable as it is secured and fast as well.

The quality and speed of web pages have been improvised by the developers depending the growing internet speed services globally. The concern about the web speed in some countries is chronically ignored.

The adoption of new technologies has improved the websites in delivering the high-quality content including the animations and graphics. Web browsers which ought to support the compatibility in the bounds of security have crossed the line of control. 

Recent plugin blockages like of Adobe’s Flash shocked the world with the concerns of safety and monopoly of some sectors of web content on the websites that was built in the past decade.

The reason I am bragging about security and pages speed is because it relates to the performance of the internet browsers. You cannot taste the sweetness of honey without the good quality comb.

Likewise, you cannot access the true and quality information on the website without the best web browser. The year 2016 have got things sorted out in terms of core purpose, the best experience of using a tool.

The best internet browser for Mac will not be the best internet browser for Windows or Linux. The same way, the most secure web browser for Mac will not be the safest web browser for Windows.

Choosing the best web browser is not an easy task. Let me help you by listing the top 10 internet browsers for both Windows and Mac.

Top 10 Web Browsers That You Need To Know

The following order is my personal choice; it may differ as per your requirements. Check the top 10 browsers of 2016. 


1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best products of the search engine giant Google. Since 2008 till today, this piece of software has undergone many changes that we can’t imagine.

From using the WebKit layout engine to till version 27 to the now a day WebKit fork blink, the Google Chrome has expanded to other operating systems other than Windows with improved features and functionality.

With its incredible performance, Google Chrome stands as the top browser for Windows users while Safari stays on top for Mac users.

On the other side of the coin, Chrome takes more system resources than a normal web browser to enhance the experience of web browsing.

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Download Google Chrome Browser

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the best web browser for all classes of browsing needs. It is free, run by a non-profit organization which runs on funds.

Mozilla has contributed a lot to the internet community and helped the world set the global web programming standards. Firefox will use system resources not as rigorously as Chrome uses.

As of the new statistics by January 2016, the Firefox has been selected as the most secure web browser as it provides a great data security.

In fact, it is the first web browser to block Adobe Flash plugin after getting known about the acute vulnerability last year.

Install Mozilla Firefox Browser

3. Opera

When it comes to customization, Opera stands first in the race.

The availability of the options, ability to customize and control over the functionality all adds up to make Opera as my third place in my top 10 internet browsers list.

There is a magical option in Opera that helps those with impaired vision use the internet with proper assistance.

Get Opera Web Bowser

4. Edge

Microsoft has finally realized the important of a default browser. The internet explorer was used until another browser is downloaded or while running outdated websites.

Microsoft has taken a good decision to introduce Edge by ditching IE at least with the new Windows 10 operating system. 

The InPrivate option was patched in the recent February’s (2016) update in Edge by guarding the privacy of the users. I use Microsoft Edge in the times of immediate need and load.

I would say that it is the fastest web browser and better than Internet Explorer. 

Get Microsoft Edge Browser

5. Torch

As the name suggest, Torch is an excellent browser with all the functionality an average internet user would need.

You would not need a media downloader or a torrent client if this browser is installed on your computer. 2016 has everything coming for you to download tons of data from the internet.

My choice for downloading the media content along with the online music and other normal browsing features is the Torch with the active tabs running.

Download Torch Browser 

6. Maxthon Nitro

The prettiest browser Maxthon comes with a turbo version of the program called Maxthon Nitro. You can see the speed with your own eyes rolling. 

The company has been in business since 2003 older than Google Chrome but couldn’t grab the top position die to its limited functionality yet the best.

Install Maxthon Nitro Browser

7. Internet Explorer

Just in case if you had doubt why I mentioned Internet Explorer again after mentioning Edge browser, I would like to make it clear that IE and Edge are two different cuisines made by the same chef.

Edge is simpler, faster and touch friendly but IE is supportive to all other old browsers and is a programmer’s first choice to test applications.

As a programmer, I would choose IE in 7th position in the list of top ten browsers to test the down compatibility of the application when needed.

Install Internet Explorer Browser 

8. Sea Monkey

If it sounds like you have heard it, yes you had. It is developed by the inspirers of Netscape and Mozilla developers. 

It is developed by the inspirers of Netscape and Mozilla developers. The Sea Monkey is a package of the

The Sea Monkey is a package of the browser, HTML editor, RSS feed reader, IRC Chat, web development tools which is the first choice for advanced users and corporate users.

Get SeaMonkey Browser

9. Avant Browser

Avant browser is a choice of the users of Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

It is the best browser to test an application to check the compatibility of the three top web browsers at a time.

The browser is developed using a tri-core rendering engine with Trident, Gecko, and WebKit engines that are used in making the top browser that are mentioned above.

Download Avant Browser

10. Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is a Chromium based web browser developed to enhance the security of web browsing.

The security is the main concern of this browser and is the main motto of its creation.

If you are leaving your computer to kids and computer novices, better tell them to use this than your customized top internet browsers.

Install Comodo Browser

Final Words On Top 10 Browsers

There are many web browsers on the internet but only some of them are performing well and good over the years.

Choosing a software program to browse the web may not be a tough task but choosing the right one for right purpose takes it all.

I hope that you have liked this list of internet browsers. Which is your preferred one to access the internet? Would you like to add any other web browser in this top 10 internet browsers list?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Nirmala,
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    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am using Google Chrome and UC Browser. UC Browser is using framework of Chrome only. Other browser I use is Firefox. 🙂

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    Opera browser recently introduced in-built unlimited VPN system to hide our Identity online which is useful for so many bloggers.

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