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5 Actionable Tips to Engage Readers in your Business Blog

One of the biggest challenges of running a business blog is to create posts that are both informative and engaging. You don’t want to sound like a sales pitch, but you do want visitors to try your product or service. 

How To Engage Your Business Site Visitors?

Here are 5 tips that will capture your market’s attention and help create action!


1. Write Success Stories

People love stories with a happy ending, and they will especially love finding out how your product and service can make their lives easier.

Combine these two blogging strategies with the Success Story. Show how your product or service solved a customer’s problem. If possible, include a picture and a short bio.

Readers always relate to another person like themselves! Then ask this customer to describe the problem and how it impacted his life/business/daily routine. Chances are most of your market goes through similar issues.

Then, ask the customer to share how your product and service provided an effective solution. Ideally, include numbers (“my sales inquiries doubled by the end of the year!”) or concrete and personal benefits (“I had more free time for myself and my family.”) Naturally, end the blog post with a call to action such as a link to a free demo or sign up form.

2. Add Whiteboard Animation Videos

Videos are a big content marketing trend. People are more likely to watch and share a video than read a big chunk of text. However, the cost of creating videos can be quite heavy for small businesses.

Luckily, through services like Videoscribe, you can create professional-looking videos with text, animation, and music at a fraction of a price. It is used by leading companies such as BBC, MOMA, and PC Pro.

It is one of the leading whiteboard animation providers, with over 500,000 users. “Videos with handwritten drawings that tell a story … can easily cost five figures, but VideoScribe software allows you to create those same videos using vector images – for less than $50 per month,” says INC.

3. Create Shareable Infographics

A simple but powerful infographic can summarize important points. It can also be used as images on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram that can be linked back to your post.

Infographics are also a good way of establishing yourself as an industry authority. If you include statistics or facts about your industry or provide tips that are important to your market, then you earn trust and develop brand equity.

Just be sure to add your company’s logo and contact information, and then add captions and alt text (one of the most valuable WordPress blogging tips that can enhance your readability and SEO).

4. Install Yoast and other WordPress Plugins

One of the most important WordPress blogging tips is to install plugins that will check your post’s SEO and readability score. Before you even click “Publish” you’ll be able to optimize your article for important factors like language, alt tags and metadata, keywords, and headings. These plugins will also let you know if your article contains too many complicated words or passive phrases.

5. Respond to Common Sales or Social Media Queries

You should be replying to the comments on your blog posts and social media, but do take it a step further. If you notice that your customers ask common questions or that there’s a reoccurring theme to their concerns or feedback, then write a blog post around that topic. Your market will appreciate that they are being “heard” and you are also making it easier to handle further queries (the next time anyone asks, you can share the link).

if you don’t have social media, you can still create blog posts like this by asking your sales and customer service about the most common reactions they get during their calls.

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