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Things You Can Make With a 3D Printer

A 3D printer can help you create a bunch of amazing stuff. Ever since the unveiling of the technology, the printers have received raved reviews from both the press and the media. If you once thought that it would be impossible to print in 3D, you were mistaken. Technology has made it possible to produce 3-dimensional objects based on working templates. Once you are provided with the template, you can go ahead and print the broken parts of any machinery. It also allows you to make a replica model of any expensive car of your choice.

How is this even possible?  

How this technology is made possible is what is even fascinating. The technology is facilitated by the fusing of layers upon layers of durable materials and metallic based templates. These templates are designed using 3D Computer Aided Design software. The layers are made up using powder, liquid and sheet materials and they stretch about 0.1mm thick.

Cube 3D Printer

With the above, you only need a 3D printer and you are good to go. Cube 3D printer is one of the most affordable and user-friendly 3D printers out there in the market today. You can now produce any 3D print of your choice. The most important thing about 3D printing is that you must have a template. To show you just how 3D printers can be efficient, we’ve prepared this piece for you.

1. Toys from children’s application

Over the years, this field has become very popular. There are many people experimenting on how children can make their own toys using 3D printing. One of the company that so far has made major strides in as far as helping the children to create their own favourite 3D dolls is MakieLabs. The company has a Makies Doll Factory iPad app which helps the kids to design their own dolls. The doll created can later on be ordered for.

2. Body Parts

The technology has now made it possible for scientists to print body parts such as ears, kidneys, blood vessels, bones and even the human skin. What is unique about these scientific bioprinters is that they use a gel-like substance to create the 3D prints. The gel-like substance used is derived from the cells. With this technology, doctors can now provide patients with a replica of their own bone fragment, skin graft and kidneys.

Chocolate portraits

3. Chocolate

Sounds intriguing? I bet! If you did not know, now you know. Whenever the typical plastic that is found in a 3D printer’s cartridge is replaced with melted chocolate, the results are astounding. You can print anything of your choice that can be edible. Everything throughout the process is processed via a computer. Chocedge is the first ever 3D printer with the capability of printing chocolate.

4. Hand-made camera lens

In reality, a camera lens can be a very complex object to create. However, with the availability of 3D printing technology, an individual can easily design their own lens.

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