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Things To Ask When Hiring A Corporate Catering Company

Corporate gatherings and meetings are an important part of several companies large and small. These get-togethers can be for important quarterly reviews, specific events, award ceremonies, end of the year reviews, training, and more. No matter what the reason these events are a key part of a company’s success. One part not to overlook when setting up a corporate event is the catering and who you hire to do it.

Selecting a proper corporate catering company requires you to take several factors into consideration. Here are some of the main questions you should ask when hiring a catering company for your company event.

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Selecting A Corporate Catering Company

  • Know What You’re Looking For: not every catering company is the same and in that respect, many of them have limits on the size of the events they can cater. Having a solid idea of the number of attendees your event will have allows you to select a catering company that can handle an event of that size and has the necessary experience to do so.
  • Willing To Listen And Adapt: corporate catering is an involved process with a lot of different variables such as dietary restrictions, specific dish requests from VIPs, the types of food offered, and the overall theme of the event. The best catering company will work with you, listen to your requests, and plan according to the event needs. When catering a corporate event you should be able to tell the catering company what you want not the other way around.
  • Food Variety: with a large gathering there’s going to be a variety of different dietary needs. Food options such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan choices ensure that your guests (no matter what their specific diet needs might be) have something good to eat. Nobody wants to go to an event and have nothing to eat due to a limited selection. Before you hire a caterer to make sure they can offer several different food categories that are all of equally high quality.
  • Beverages: the drink menu can be an area that requires a bit of planning and input from a professional catering company. Certain events can benefit from an open bar while others should not have alcoholic beverages. This varies depending on the event’s timing and overall purpose and the best drinks can be suggested by an experienced catering company.
  • Ask About Efficiency: a lack of effect can lead to long waits, lines, and unsatisfied attendants. Large gatherings need to be planned carefully and precisely to get the food prepared and everyone served in a timely manner. The catering company you’re considering should be able to outline how they organize events and what their overall approach to efficiency is.
  • Build A Partnership: many companies have events on a regular basis such as quarterly or holiday events. Having a corporate catering company you’ve worked with before can be a huge advantage. They already know your company’s needs and preferences and this can speed up the overall process. Once you find a catering company that fits your goals, by all means, ask about the continued business.


Corporate events have a lot of moving parts and careful planning is required for one to be successful. The catering aspect should be not be overlooked as it’s a part of the event that many people remember. Asking the right questions and finding a catering company that is a good fit means this part of the event won’t be one that people remember for the wrong reason.

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