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The biography and projects of the most five famous female programmers in the world

The research from internet and the records of the past shows that women have always made some achievements and extra effort to reach the top in the history and present. The list of the successful person on earth has mostly woman’s name. It has always been a myth and a strong belief that men always rule the world. But it is absolutely unreal because there are always women in the list. It is also said that men are more intelligent but women are more efficient than men. They are good programmers and dominate the programmers list. How can we ever forget about the first female programmer on earth, Ada Lovelace?

The following are the top five popular, beautiful and famous female programmers in the world. The names are as follows:

  1. Jade Raymond
  2. Sara Haider
  3. Corrine Yu
  4. Ammanda Wixted
  5. Tracy Chou

Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond -3

Jade Raymond was excellent in academics. She graduated in the year 1992 from the st.george school of Montreal. She has a bachelor’s degree in science from the Mcgill University in the year 1998. She is also majored in the field of computer science. She carries a vast knowledge and has left all the other female programmers behind her. Raymond is very famous in programming and in video game developing. After her graduation, Raymond started her career in the Sony Company. She has created and contributed so much for the online gaming. She has achieved many awards in the field of gaming and programming. She works for many non-profit organizations in Canada.

Sara Haider

She is one of the famous and beautiful female programmers. Her story revolves around her work, dedication and programming. After she completed her education she worked in Google Company. After that she was involved in developing android apps. Currently she is working at twitter as a software engineer.

Corrinne Yu

Corrinne Yu

Corrin yu took up programming as her main career. She started the programming work in the apple II’S KING, quest series. One of the famous contributions by Corrin Yu is developing of the famous game Zombie. She has also created and developed many games with 3D effects. Corrin Yu is currently working at Microsoft studio. She has contributed and developed the most famous video game of the year 2012, hallow 4. She has done any alterations in the field of animation with facial effects etc.

Amanda Wixted

She is one of the most famous and popular programmer. She has done many contributions and has worked for many games such s the most famous Farmville game. Currently she has started up a new firm by herself named turf geography club. She is famous all over the world.

Tracy Chou

Tracy chou has done a remarkable effort in making it up to the top five famous and beautiful programmers in the world. She has worked in many famous firms such as Google, face book etc. right now she is working at pinterest as a software engineer.

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