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9 Best Teeth Editor Apps For Photos

A smile is essential while taking photos. Some people worry that their photos are missing something, especially in the smile part. It is the condition of their teeth. It may not look attractive because it may not appear white.

But there is no need to worry about it anymore as various apps are available to correct it. Teeth whitening has become very simple and fast with the following teeth whitening apps available today!

Android Apps To Edit Your Teeth In Photos 

1. Beauty Plus

This is a selfie camera and a photo editing app that has been very popular. A few seconds after opening the app, there is an option called “Live Auto-Retouch” that corrects the flaws in the photo. The teeth become white, and it appears very natural. There are also others features in the app that modifies the skin, eyes, lips in the photo. Funny stickers and photo effects are also available in this app.

2. Air Brush

This photo editor app has an amazing tool to whiten teeth. There is a “Magic tab” available, and it is a whitening tool. After uploading the picture, the whiten tool makes the teeth sparkly white. The other features of this include removal of blemishes, pimples, smoothening of skin, etc.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

This is a free photo editing app, and its peculiar feature is that it is convenient to use even on the simplest of mobile devices (even those with small screens). Once the user has uploaded the photo, the photo’s brightness and contrast are changed. Similarly, the teeth can be whitened through the teeth photoshop app, and it is done in a very accurate manner. There are smart filters available that automatically correct common issues in the photo. One can sign up for free in an Adobe account to edit, and the edited photo can be saved or shared to other social networking sites.

4. Fotogenic

This is a body and face tuning; retouch editor app. Teeth whitening is one of the important features of this app. There are many tools available to whiten the teeth. Through the app’s cloning feature, some particular areas of the teeth are cloned and pasted to the damaged teeth. Other beauty-enhancing features in this app include applying makeup, slimming the physique, and adjusting the photo’s brightness, saturation, and contrast.

5. BeFunky

This is a very convenient photo editing app that maintains the realism in the photo. There are many tools available, out of which teeth whitening is one of them. There are options like blurring and general brightening that are available. Animation of the photo is also available. The photo can be transformed into art, cartoon, sketch, or paintings in a single click, and the background can also be removed.

6. Perfect 365

This is an exclusive app for improving make-up. The transformation that the app makes to the photo appears very realistic; hence this can be regarded as the naturalistic teeth whitening app. One of the special features of this app is that tips are provided by make-up artists and experts every week. It is also integrated with social networking sites, enabling the user to quickly share the edited images on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

7. Pixlr

This is a free online photo editing app that enables quick and professional editing. Photos can be edited anywhere- be it browser or app. Selfies can be corrected with clear tools to remove any inconvenience. Teeth whitening and removal of red eyes can be done through a combination of effects and filters. This has a faster editor time with simple steps.

8. Photo Editor By BeFunky

The cool photo editor by BeFunky is going to be your virtual dentist by fixing the white teeth issue. By following simple steps, you can get rid of annoying yellow teeth and get a perfect-looking white tooth in all your pictures. The best part is, the edited teeth look natural in all the pictures. In addition, you can add various filters and sticker overlays to your single images and collages.

9. Perfect Me

This is another brilliant choice to get perfectly natural and white teeth on your images. Within few seconds, you can turn your boring images with yellow teeth into stunning pictures. The Perfect Me app offers multiple add-on features to tone the skin, add makeup and even reshape the body parts. Your photo will get perfect makeup with the Perfect Me app.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned apps can edit photos to perfection easily and in a fast manner by whitening the teeth. Anyone can access the apps anywhere, be it an android or iOS user. These features can be rightly told as “technology at everyone’s fingertips.”

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