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Things You Can Make With a 3D Printer

Chocolate portraits

A 3D printer can help you create a bunch of amazing stuff. Ever since the unveiling of the technology, the printers have received raved reviews from both the press and the media. If you once thought that it would be impossible to print in 3D, you were mistaken. Technology has made it possible to produce 3-dimensional objects based on working …

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Using Case Studies in a Training


Case study is part of training but it is major tool to improve and gain knowledge.  Case studies are real time scenarios which explain who the problem is over come in different methods. It emphasizes detailed and contextual analysis for a problem. There is a situation in an organization in which individual is not capable to solve a problem, so organization has …

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What Can You Expect from an Error 404 Page?

Mistakes happen all the time, one of the most common online being typing in the wrong URL. Usually, when that happens for a specific site, an Error 404 page comes up informing them of that fact. To some, they seem drab and blindingly obvious, but some website owners have decided to have a little fun with them, producing striking results. …

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