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An Overview of Honeypot Captcha

Today, bots are dominating online traffic. It is estimated that about 52% of the traffic comes from bots. Therefore, there is a need to come up with ways to mitigate these threats. CAPTCHAS is one such solution. They are designed to tell humans and computers apart by presenting a test that a human can quickly solve but is difficult to …

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Privacy Protection Services: The Best of 2021


Protecting your privacy online is so important, especially since finding information about people on the internet is so easy. Perform a simple Google search using your full name to see what’s out there currently about you. Are there a lot of people search websites that are displaying your personal details, such as your addresses, phone numbers, workplace, relatives’ names, and …

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Best 5 SIM Card Readers To Buy For Your Gadgets

  The tiny SIM card can store up a huge amount of information which can be text messages, call logs, etc. In order to read and retrieve the information we need to invest in good SIM card readers, it is a tiny device that is capable of reading the content available on the SIM card of the phone. With a …

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