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Stay Safe On Public Wi-Fi With ZenMate

Are you worrying about internet security while using public Wi-Fi networks? I come with a good solution at free of cost. Do read this post to grab the entire details.

Many times people need to work from places like cafe and airport where they use public Wi-Fi to carry over their online tasks like paying bills, online bank transactions etc. But it is not safe to do such jobs in public network and it would be good to get a safe solution. One such software is ZenMate which would encrypts, secures your connection and protects your internet privacy while browsing through public Wi-Fi. This exceptional tool has user-friendly features to encrypt and route your internet traffic through a proxy in a different country so that you can surf the internet in a private manner. ZenMate ensures your internet access remains unbiased and completely unrestricted.


With ZenMate, you traffic will be encrypted and routed through its free VPN cloud-network of highly secure servers. Thus, your personal IP address will not be visible and replaced by a generic ZenMate IP address. You will be completely anonymous and secure. As the internet access is open and unrestricted with ZenMate running in the background, you can easily roam the web and view content that is normally blocked in your region. It simply works like a free proxy service but much simpler to use and even more secure. User can easily toggle on and off with a single click.

ZenMate is a proxy extension that can be easily setup by anyone and start working immediately. After installation, you simply have to enter your e-mail address to activate ZenMate. You do not need to enter any activation codes or click on any e-mail links to activate this dynamic tool. ZenMate gets activated at the top-right corner of your browser and turns green when you are protected. It has the ability to switch between different countries instantly. If by default your internet traffic is routed through Switzerland but you can change it to a UK, US or German proxy instantly. This freeware helps you to use services such as Hulu, Netflix and Pandora outside the country.

With ZenMate there will not be any delay in connection time and thus you could adore its excellent surfing speed. Not only claim to take privacy issues very seriously, this software can also compress your data by up to thirty percent and brings you cost savings. The ZenMate Cloud detects and blocks harmful sites and it protects against many internet dangers like malware, phishing sites and hackers. Together with data compression feature, this fascinating program would let you to have faster browsing and filter adverts on your servers and stops them in their tracks. ZenMate also prevent security threats caused by the Flash Player. To avoid IP leaks, it is recommend using ZenMate with flash controller.

Pros of ZenMate

• Very easy to set up.
• Switch between proxies very easily.
• Allows viewing blocked sites in certain other countries.
• Help accessing any website from anywhere.
• Surfing speed is generally fast.
• Encrypts browser traffic.
• Free and easy to install.
• Available in add-on form.
• Provides Wi-Fi and Hacker protection.

Final Words

If you want to use public Wi-Fi network, you don’t need to worry about internet security and privacy issues. You may try a magnificent freeware, ZenMate. As it encrypts everything, your internet privacy while browsing will be protected well. All the encrypted traffic will be routed through their free VPN cloud network of highly secure servers and hence your personal IP will be concealed. Simple to use, unlocking the favorite content, data compression and blocking of ads & harmful sites are the prominent features of ZenMate.

Do you desire to get this easy and safe solution for your internet privacy? Express your views of ZenMate through your comment.

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