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Where to Play Soldier Games Online Free?

Have you ever thought about the joy of playing games online? Barring the effects and graphics, you can play with your friend even when he is not beside you. That’s the great benefit of online games.

Let me take the mike and be the interviewer once again. What kind of games do you like to play? I hope you are aware of different types of games like strategy games, racing, shooting, killing, war, etc.

In my case, I go with online shooting games. But it’s really a tedious task to find a good killing game that worth my time.

After a lot of research, I have come across one of the best soldier games website, which enables you to play soldier games online for free.

Before introducing that website, let me tell a little about Soldier games.

What Actually Solider Games Are?

Soldier games can also be called as Army games/ military games in which you take the role of a soldier and kill your enemies through different stages or levels. You will be provided with all the weapons and equipment in all battle games just like as a real army man.

Killing games are not a child play! Yeah, I mean it. You can’t win a soldier game like a breeze. It needs extreme concentration and expertise.

Have you ever thought about how companies develop battle games? It needs a hell lot of time to come up with story, characters, design, graphics and programming as well.

So, most of the army games and military games are not free to play. (I know you might have used several paid games on your computer for free).

But in the case of online shooting games, no patch or crack will work as we are playing online.

So I researched a lot to get some free war games, if not free best war games. And my quest ended up on a website, soldiersinc.com.

Introducing Soldiers Inc


As I already mentioned, Soldiers Inc is an online soldier game available for free to play. If you are a person like me who is looking forward to playing war games free, you are going to love this site.

A company called Plarium developed soldiers Inc. and it has conquered thousands of game lovers’ hearts within a short span of time. In fact, it became one of the best war games.

You are an army commander in Soldiers Inc. You have got a client, and the job is to keep your competitors away. The story is revolving around an imaginative country called Zandia where most of the world’s mineral deposit.

As the government of the country became inactive, several other countries and private companies came forward to claim as much of Zandia so that they will get a significant portion of the mineral deposit.

So, as a truthful worker, you need to preserve the minerals for your client. A bunch of other military men are provided for your help.

You will never know much of your client except a name, ‘The Syndicate’ and its associate Mr. John Black. John will guide you through all the ups and downs of the game.

How to Play Soldier Games Online?


You don’t need a machine with heavy specs to run this one of the best free war games. According to the official website, the only requirement is a web browser with the latest version of Flash Player. If you haven’t downloaded Flash, do it NOW.

And once you finish, it’s time to start the war.

At first, you need to visit the website soldiersinc.com. There is a green Play Now button on the homepage itself. Click on the same without wasting time. Then, you will be asked to fill up a few fields to create an account. When it’s over, you are good to go.

John Black’s instructions will always be there to guide you. But ultimately, you are the one who chooses the war strategy; whether to be aggressive or defensive.

Features of Soldiers Inc


I am going to mention the important features only, as the features parts itself will make a 2000+ words article.

#1. It’s a Multiplayer Game

That is a sheer joy, right? I always find it joyful to play against a human player rather than against CPU. As Soldier Inc is being used thousands of people online, there are always people to play with you. You can also chat with fellow players to ease the gameplay.

#2. It Comes Free of Cost

Ice on the cake, isn’t it? You don’t have to pay a single penny to create an account and then start the game. Your only investment is the time you take to create the account and download Flash Player (In case you don’t have it).
However, you can buy extra equipment and diamonds to boost the gameplay by spending the real money. That is not a necessity, though.

#3. Availability of Tutorials

We are not robots. So, we need a learning curve to be an expert in any new game. That’s why Plarium created a war strategy tips page and a forum to guide you. If you are not satisfied with both the resources, you can try the support page to contact a Plarium representative.

Bottom Line

I have been using computer and playing games for about three years now. If you are looking to play best war games free, going with Soldiers Inc as it is the best place to play soldier games online. According to me, it’s the best online war strategy game available for free.

According to me, it’s the best online war strategy game available for free. As it comes free, you don’t have to open your wallet and hesitate to pay. Just tap that Play Now button, create an account, manage your base and start firing.

Would you like to play this thrilling online game? What are the other online games that you wish to play to chill out? 

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