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7 Best Solar Power Banks

Gone are the days when you will have to wait for your phone to get fully charged, so that you can enjoy the day without getting worried about battery. We are living in a world of technology where we can carry the technology with us. This is the time of power banks. Its a small portable device that can be carried with yourself and charge your mobile devices whenever you want. I’ve already discussed the fundamentals of power banks and recommended some best power banks for you to buy.

Well, there are chances that you may not get electricity everywhere. So, there is a perfect alternative available which is nothing but the solar powered power bank. It is also called solar power battery bank which is a kind of power bank that works on solar energy, thus saving our earth’s resources.

In this post, I’ll let you know about the basics of solar powered power banks and its benefit. Apart from that, I’m going to list some top solar power battery bank so as to assist you to choose the best one suitable for your needs.

Solar Power Banks

I know that you must be wondering that how does a solar powered power bank works. It works on the same principle as solar lights works. In solar power bank, the sun energy is converted into electrical energy. A power bank solar uses the energy of speeding photons present in the sunlight, to create an electrical current.

The main advantage of using solar powered power bank is that by using them, you are doing your part in making the earth green and safe. Now, you might be puzzling which solar power bank is good and which one you should buy. Well, you don’t have to get worry as I’m gonna perform solar power bank review in this post.

Solar Power Bank review

No matter if it is a normal power bank or solar power battery bank, choosing the best can be a really difficult task. You need to see so many things like charging time, voltage, size, price etc. However, after doing a proper research, I have chosen 7 best solar power battery banks which can be considered for buying. These solar power banks are easily available on all major e-commerce websites.

7 Solar Panel Powered Power Bank Reviews

So, you may check the reviews of top 7 solar power banks now.

Waaree WEPCWS303 Solar Power Bank 5000mAh


The main beauty of this solar power battery bank is that it can be used as both power bank solar and as electric power bank. It can charge itself from electricity and from Sun as well. The device gets charged in 5 hours if done by electricity and takes 16 hours if done by Sunlight. It can charge two devices at a same time due to its dual output capability. This solar power battery bank has premium rubber finish and 3-LED rubber indicator to show the status of charging. It is available in black color only and comes with a 6 months manufacturer warranty.

Price: $42

Levin™ Solstar Solar Panel Charger 6000mAh


The key benefit of this solar power bank is that it is a gadget with water-resistant, dust resistant and shockproof features. Another notable feature of this solar panel power bank is that it has an anti-explosive Polymer battery which is safest in the world. It takes around 7-8 hours to get charged completely and can charge an iPhone up to 60%. This portable power bank is light in weight, stylish in design which makes it perfect partner for a trip. There is also a LED indicator to let us to know about charging status.

Price: $27.99

Nexcon® Multifunction Both Solar Panel Mobile power Bank


This solar panel power bank from Nexcon has excellent appearance which is available in variety of colors. This small and compact solar power battery bank has a 10000 mAh Li-Polymer battery and LED power indicator. It is also equipped with an over-charge protection to ensure that battery life works efficiently without any issues. Apart from that it can also be used as an electric charger and can also be charge by USB port of a computer.

Price: $19.99

ALLPOWERS™ Solar Panel Charger 10000mAh


One of the best features of this solar power bank is that it is equipped with a fast charging and PowersIQ technology which can automatically detect and identify the devices to offer fastest charging. It can charge two devices at same time as it has two USB current output and has a 10000mAh battery. Apart from that, this power bank solar has security protection like short-circuit and overcurrent protection. By this technology, the device will automatically shut down in the case of short circuit to protect your device.

Price: $29.99

Mobile 10000mAh Solar Power Bank


This is one of the best solar power banks with a 10000 mAH Li-Polymer battery which gets charged in 8 hours of sunlight. This gadget is available in silver and black colors with aluminium housing. It can also charge two devices at same time due to the presence of two USB outputs.

Price: $35.66

30000mAh Solar Powered Battery Power Bank


One of the strongest features of this solar panel power bank is that it has a flashlight which can be really helpful. It is equipped with a huge 30000 mAh battery and can be fully charged in 15-18 hours. It can also be charged by using Ac adapter or computer port. It also offers charging of two devices at a same time.

Price: $19.15

PowerAdd Apollo 8000mAh Solar Power Bank


This is one of the stylish solar power banks with light-weight design that can be easily fit into any bag. It has the capacity of 8000 mAh with 2 USB output to charge the two devices at the same time. The lifespan of build-in Li-ion polymer cells are long and thus it has ability to charge more than 500 cycles during its life. This environmental friendly solar power bank comes with 1 year worry-free warranty.  

Price: $29.99

For better understanding, I’ve consolidated the imperative details of above talked solar power banks in the tabular column.

 Solar Power Banks  Type  Battery(mAh)  Dual  USB  Weight(gm)  Price     ($)  Available on
 Waaree WEPCWS303  Electricity + Solar  5000  Yes  250  42  Flipkart.com
 Levin™ Solstar Solar Panel Charger  Solar Only  6000  No  150  27.99  Amazon.com
 Nexcon® Multifunction Both Solar Panel Mobile power Bank  Electricity + Solar  10000  Yes  250  19.99  Amazon.com
 ALLPOWERS™ Solar Panel Charger  Electricity + Solar  10000  Yes  350  29.99  Amazon.com
 Mobile “10000mAh” Solar Power Bank  Solar only  10000  Yes  350  35.66  dx.com
 “30000mAh” Solar Powered Battery Power Bank  Solar Only  30000  Yes  250  19.15  dx.com
 PowerAdd Appollo 8000mAh Solar Power Bank  Solar Only  8000  Yes  215  29.99  Amazon.com

Final Words

If you wanna have an emergency charger with safe and environmentally friendly features for your mobile devices, you may get one of the solar power banks which I discussed above. They are light in weight and have extended efficiency & life.

In this post, I’ve collected the top seven solar power banks which are simply available at all ecommerce websites. You may prefer buying the solar power battery bank as per your need and budget. Although, there is one issue with solar power bank that they take a lot of time to get fully charged but that can accepted as it saves the electricity and make use of solar energy. 

What do you think about this environmental friendly device? Would you like to buy any one of the best solar power banks? Leave your views in comment section. 

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