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5 Popular Software That Help Students Finish Research Papers

Academic research work can be challenging to a student writing their first. Completion of research papers is the final stage in a long process of data collection.

Academic research is a serious project that requires proper planning, funding, tools, staffing and time management. This can be challenging if not properly addressed, and the best solution is the use of the right software to guide you through the process.

A correct choice of research paper writing software will speed up the process with efficiency in resource utilization. Here are the top five great research software packages online a student can use to finish research papers.

5 Best Tools For Students To Complete Their Paper Research Works

1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the most versatile and comprehensive of research tools a research student can use, and it is free. A product of Google, this software is more like a personal assistant guiding your research through the collation of data, citations, and provides up to date papers for reference.

Google Scholar is an online academic search engine that not only lists published scholarly papers but also provides access to articles in repositories of leading universities that could be of greater value to a research student.

As an educational software for students, Google Scholar will provide citations in recognized formats for academic writing like APA, MLA, et all.  With the right keywords, Google Scholar will alert you of emerging papers in the field, and with a label, organize articles for you.


REF-N-WRITE is one of the best software a researcher can use to manage faster access to reference material they need while writing the final article. This research paper software is an add-in to Microsoft Word that is essential for the final process in research.

REF-N-WRITE is efficient in searching for different pieces of your research material stored on your computer for incorporation and referencing as you write.

REF-N-WRITE will assist a researcher with no prior writing experience to produce a perfect article by use of its extensive collection of scientific and academic phrases. With inbuilt auto prompt and suggestions, it helps a student researcher use appropriate language in the presentation.

Online research writing service Edubirdie offers additional help. A student can visit this research paper service for professional guidance. The writers there can also help you with thesis, dissertation and other writing requirements you may have.

3. SocSciStatistics (For Statistical Research)

SocSciStatistics is a must-have research paper writing software, especially when your study involves voluminous statistics. You will need a tool that can execute complex and large data analysis for faster results.

Quantitative and qualitative research is based on numbers that require scientific, statistical analysis that, without the right and efficient tools, can take longer to finish.

SocSciStastics is one of the software that assists in efficient and timely completion of data evaluation and compilation. It is also important that after a successful compilation, a student tests their hypothesis against scientific parameters.

Social Science Statistics software offers the right tools for a researcher to use. You can import complete sections of your data from your spreadsheet into the software for analysis before placement in the final article.

4. PlagTracker Plagiarism Checker

PlagTracker plagiarism checker software will help you guard against copyright penalization for using unauthorized content in your research paper.

Granted, you may have used the offending part unintentionally, it nevertheless is someone’s work, and you had no permission to use. Avoid all these and a possible penalty, by using plagiarism software to ensure your present own original work.

PlagTracker is ha software for academic writing that is free to use online to protect against copyright infringement. Once you upload your research content in PlagTracker, a thorough online check will be done and a comprehensive report of cited work submitted.

A suggestion of sources and citations will be given to help student review articles. PlagTracker supports several other languages like French, Italian, German, Spanish and many more.

5. Trello

Trello is productivity software that helps researchers collaborating with peers and research assistants to manage the process efficiently. It is especially useful to students attempting their first research work without prior experience in project management.

Trello helps put together all tools and accompanying boards in a single resource, including those used by your research team and syncs them across your devices. With this arrangement, Trello makes it easy for a researcher to coordinate and work with their team seamlessly, saving on time.

This paper writing software removes the need for physical meetings between team members during the course of research and even at the compilation stage. All team members participate and offer suggestions in real-time on the platform. Trello is an excellent project management tool for research students.


Good quality management software will ensure the final paper meets the required standards set by the examining body. Project management tools will guarantee smooth workflow and timely delivery on budget. These are the basic elements a research student needs to finish a quality research paper or article in good time and to accepted standards.

A research project is multifaceted and to handle the process efficiently without mix-ups or lapses, it is prudent to invest in good software. Assess the scope and structure of your project and find appropriate software online to help you finish the paper.

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