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Join Social Stock Of TemplateMonster & Win Exciting Prizes


Nowadays there are many projects online to grab some cash. Not all of them are reliable but don’t get upset.

If you are in search of something trustworthy, you are in the right place. Now it is quite a time to learn about Social Stock.

If you have never heard about it, it is a fresh project created by Template Monster. No fraud and no investments, but communication and profit.

You have a chance to share awesome templates with your friends and help them to create a stunning website with a 10% discount, so why not?

In case if you haven’t heard of TemplateMonster, here is a short note. This company is a successful enterprise that has a rich history.

Since 2002 it has worked in web design market and has already made this world a bit better. It is a great example how talented and inspired people work fruitfully and get results.

A huge number of customers testify the quality of templates and service. Even the most sophisticated users can find a right option to create the site of their own or refresh the old one.

In all, now there is a chance to get whatever template from official site with a 10% discount. Sounds good, so we are moving to the point.

What is Social Stock About?

TemplateMonster’s Social Stock Program is aimed at spreading helpful templates among your friends and colleagues. As a bonus, you will have a bunch of creative messages and a discount.

It is ok if you are not TemplateMonster’s customer or you don’t have coding skills because there are no special requirements. The only one rule is that you need to be 18 to become a part of a program.

Pretty much easy, huh? The scheme is plain, and firstly, you apply for registration. You become an official participant of TemplateMonster’s Social Stock Program, and just after that, you will get an email with your personal 10% promo code discount.

It is valid for every TemplateMonster template, even the premium ones. All you need is to share the personal code through the social networks, forums and another possible way to make people use it.

It may be your friend, colleagues or followers. The more people use it, the more chance you have to get the main prize: Tesla Model S, so start collecting point now.

How to Take Part in Social Stock Program?

To make the first moves, you need to fulfill the short registration form. Once you apply for a registration and complete it, you will get an email.

There you will find a 10% promo code discount that should be spread on the Internet. It is up to you how to do it, but keep in mind, that it should be done effectively, yet with pleasure. 

The more people use your code for a purchase, the more point you will get. Consequently, you will get the better prize. 

You will see the whole list of prizes a bit later. To see how the things are going, you can check out the number of points and track the results. 

The aim is to introduce web design and TemplateMonster templates to the full extent. Provide your friends and followers with the great themes to bring their business online.

It is the right time, because now you may use the discount even for the premium templates.

What About the Prizes?

When you see how much points you have, you may choose the corresponding prize. The desirable prizes vary from $100 on PayPal to Tesla Model S, so take your time and collect the points.

Other prizes are Pebble Smartwatch, iPad Mini 4, iPhone 7, Canon EOS 6D, MacBook Pro, Harley Davidson Street. In case if you want several prizes that cost 10 and 20 points, you may freely exchange all the points you collect.

Without any doubts, it is more fun to fight for the main prize. A full list of prizes, FAQ, and information are presented on an official site of Social Stock Program.

Set of Creative Stuff for Participants

You will be pleased to hear that a fantastic set of creative stuff is at your service. When you are a registered participant, you get a helping hand to share the templates.

You are free to use memes, banners, demotivators, ready-made texts and more. Don’t miss a chance to grab the maximum attention and increase the number of the points.

Tell people about all the benefits of TemplateMonster themes and entertain them at once.

TM Service Center

TM Service Center is a service to help the customers reshape their themes and make them look awesome. That is great for many reasons, and the main one is you get the website that is ready to work.

Together with it, it is constructed according to your own requirements. Don’t be shy and use TM Service Center.

To Sum Up Everything

Hopefully, no difficulties occur on your way to your dream. Get you 10% discount and set off. Be active, and you will win not only one prize but several.

Join the challenge and spread the templates. Below you may see the best Retina Ready WordPress Themes. The selection presents ready-made templates that are easy-of-use.

Moreover, it is a perfect option for small and medium sized business. You don’t need to be a pro and obtain special coding skills to administrate the site. All the advantages of WordPress platform you may see on official page WordPress.org.

For more alluring themes check out Retina Ready WordPress Templates.

6 Best Retina Ready WordPress Templates Of TemplateMonster

Pick the one for you and for your friend. Join the Social Stock Program by TemplateMonster and grab the Tesla Model S!

1. Upbuild Architecture Firm WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

2. Monstroid 2 Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

3. StarGaze Media & Celebrity Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

4. J. Trudeau Business Coach WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

5. SketchField WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

6. FarmLand Agriculture & Farming WordPress Theme


Final Words

I hope that you are excited about the grand prize gifts from the Social stock program of TemplateMonster. Publicize the templates that are well suitable to build the business websites and get huge profits.

What do you think about this great contest and amazing retina ready themes? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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