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Using Social Media Tagging as a Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing plays a crucial role in a comprehensive marketing strategy. By optimizing specific tools on social sites, you can boost engagement and reach a wider audience.

Tagging is one of these tools and is a great way to connect with people or businesses directly through the content you post. It is an excellent way to make your content or brand more visible in the social networks.  

Writing A Tag

Unlike hashtags where you use the “#” symbol to tag a word or phrase, tagging uses the “@” sign. You can search for a business or user’s handle (or username), and this will tag them in your post.

Each social platform has its own best practices when it comes to tagging. Take a look at the following significant platforms to see how you can effectively use tagging for each one to boost your audience.

How To Use Social Media Tags For Marketing? 

Facebook Tagging

With Facebook, you can tag accounts in both pictures and text. The tagged person will receive a notification, and your post will appear on their page if they have allowed this in their security settings.

It’s a great way to increase your exposure with potential new customers who follow or are friends with the account you tagged. Some things to remember on Facebook are if you are tagging from a page, you can only tag other pages. If you are tagging from a personal account, you can tag both pages and independent accounts.

Twitter Tagging

Unlike Facebook, Twitter tags won’t automatically display on the tagged person’s Twitter feed. However, they will receive a notification that they have been mentioned, and if they retweet your post, it will be shared with their followers.

Again, this is excellent exposure for your brand. There is also the added benefit of credibility, as the account you’ve tagged has chosen to a retweet which implies that they trust your brand.

Instagram Tagging

Instagram is similar to Facebook, where you can tag someone in the caption as well as the image. Both will notify the account that they have been tagged — if it’s an image, it will appear in the tagged photos (assuming permissions have been given), and if it’s a caption, they will be able to view.

Influencer Edna ‘Chichi Stylxz’ Frenchwood is an example of someone who has used Instagram tagging as a way to grow her following. She tags restaurants and hotels in her posts to highlight her positive experiences and has had well-known chains interact with her because of this.

She tags businesses that have supported her which makes her feel like she’s giving something back to her community. Many return the shout-outs which means the support is two-fold. Followings increase as a result of these interactions from tags due to increased exposure and a build-up in trust.

Pinterest Tagging

You cannot ignore Pinterest for Marketing as it is an exceptional image-based social platform where you can get a great exposure for your business brand. Follow the like-minded people, influencers and the people who are interested in your product or service. When you post the business information, you can tag them by start typing @. 

You can tag the people on Pinterest in both Pin & Comment and hence you could grab more eyeballs to the piece of writing for that you have taken a lot of effort. 

LinkedIn Tagging 

Like the above social media networks, you can tag professionals who are interested in looking at your business details. Use the same @ symbol to find and tag the persons to read your content.

Sometimes, you have to make multiple attempts to find out the people from the list of drop-drow options. Here you can tag the people when you do comment, however, it will not work in business page updates and group posts. 

Wrapping Up 

Utilize tagging when you post on any of your social sites, where relevant. It will help your brand further its reach and also show you supporting others. Not only the above social media platforms, but you can also use the tagging technique to get your content seen on EverNote, Trello, and HootSuite. 

Be sure to respond if you’re tagged in posts, too, as this can strengthen your credibility and create a positive user experience for all parties involved. Also, don’t get confused with the hashtag and tagging and yes, there is a subtle difference between these two strategies.  

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