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Skylex App – Best Immigration Companion


If you are looking for an app that can assist you in smoothening your immigration, Skylex can be the one for you.

Designed by Skylex LLC, this app is one of the top-rated apps for its android as well as iPhone versions. Be it be green card services, applying for renewal of working visas, or even family immigration; it can be arduous to get onto an immigration lawyer’s office in the midst of a working day.

Skylex comes up with a solution by assisting the users in communicating with the immigration lawyers effortlessly at the comfort of their home or office remotely.

Downloaded The App? Here Is How You Can Use It

Open the Skylex app and verify your registered phone number. Once this is ensured, you can navigate through various settings in the app. Go to the support tab and ask any legal queries; this makes a connection better between you and your lawyer.

Special cases are considered in emergencies. You can have a scope of submitting relevant documents and also imply any of the loved ones in the process to these conversations.

What Services Does It Offer?

The app claims that it can support individuals with any type of immigration queries and works. As depicted in the previous lines, users can get off with their work visas, Green cards, and other immigrants as well.

Apart from these, DACA, Asylum, Deportation, and other VISA categories are also possible. If you are a new user and want to apply or track your tourist, investment, and student visas, this app supports that too.

All you need to do is register by verifying your phone number and then get on to avail of its services online.

APP STORE Ratings: 4.8/5

PLAY STORE Ratings: 4.4/5

Advantages Of The Skylex App

One of the main advantages of this app is that it ensures the safety of the document shared. Further, any document sent to the lawyer can be deleted, unsent, and rescinded at any time as per the choice of the user.

Apart from this, here are some advantages of the Skylex apps:

1. Remote contact: As depicted in previous lines, using this app a user can contact their immigration lawyers from any corner of the world. However, they should have a noteworthy internet connection. Further, there is no call forwarding service or receptionists. This saves a lot of time for the users in emergency situations.

2. Privacy: Not many know that even if the phone numbers need to be verified, the users can have an option not to disclose their numbers. Users in this app can make calls send texts and other relevant submissions without exposing their phone numbers. This way, privacy is ensured.

3. Lawyers’ Buddy: If you are an immigration lawyer looking for new clients, you can get into the app effortlessly. As there is no need to visit the office, users can prefer contacting you for services. Further, the app is also cooperative in suggesting and ensuring newer clients to you.

4. Special Features: This app comes up with special features like a relaxing experience, voice momo options, a group chats facility, and a peculiar response style. Further, all these features can be deleted and rescinded at any time.

5. Support Tab: If you have a small query, you can access the recent question in the question tab or ask a query there. This way, you can get clear about dealing with the formalities.

Besides, this app can improve professionalism and also has options like a referral to ensure mutual growth.

Disadvantages- This Is Where Skylex May Fallback!

Both the user and the immigration lawyer need to use the skylex app. If the lawyer does have the app, it may not be possible to connect remotely.

Since the process is undergoing online, the current status may not be updated by lawyers, leading to inaccuracy and delay in works.

Should You Prefer It?

Getting to know about the ups and downs of the app, here comes the question of the day: Should you download and use this app? With the best possible rating for users, it seems to be one of the befitting apps for remote contact with immigration lawyers.

And the need actually gets fulfilled as stated by the app makers. If you have the ability to cope with minor drawbacks that may occasionally arise, this can be a take-in for you.

Recent users have commented that these issues are actually addressed, making it a suitable pick for all sorts of immigration lawyer needs.

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