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Essential Skills For IT Experts

If you’re looking into a career in Information Technology (IT), you’re making a wise move.

It’s believed there are over six million technology jobs here in America, and the sector’s growth is showing no signs of slowing down. In the digital age, few career bets are safer than entering the IT profession.

But as with any demanding skill, it’s not possible to just pick up a job in the sector without some hard study leading to recognized qualifications.

Becoming an IT expert requires investment in your career in the form of training and education – and, not only that, you will also need to decide on a specialty to study.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to settle on an IT job you’ll love and what skills you will need.

3 Basic Talents To Become An Expert in IT Field 


1. A Diverse Selection

Unlike some professions, there are way more than just one or two jobs available if you decide to enter the IT sector. Some of these jobs are in high demand, and as a result, they attract high salaries.

If you have knowledge of programming languages under your belt, for example, then both organizations and agencies will be searching for people like you.

Popular – and lucrative – coding languages which are in demand include Python, Ruby on Rails and Java.

And while the salaries might not be quite as high as those associated with some of the other IT professions out there, there are still plenty of well-paid and prestigious options.

As an IT technician in a busy workplace such as a school or a hospital, for example, you will be expected to solve all sorts of different problems and have a positive, can-do attitude.

2. Training And Education

When it comes to getting the right teaching to give you the skills you need, you’ll usually be in luck no matter what sort of IT job you opt for.

Because skilled IT experts are in demand all across the economy, training opportunities are common and plentiful.

If you’re just leaving high school, for example, entry-level IT jobs are often available in a diverse range of sectors including everything from government offices to nuclear power plants!

For those who want to improve the systems behind the screens rather than help people out with front-facing applications, studying for a computer science degree at college can be an attractive option.

Such a qualification will definitely open career doors for you. Many jobs in the industry require candidates to be educated to degree level.

And for those who want to learn to code, it’s possible to study with the assistance of an online service. Hour of Code, for example, is popular for those who want to learn by using an online resource.

3. Working As A Contractor

The character of many professions is changing with every passing year, and the IT job market is no exception.

While permanent positions are still available, the project focused nature of several modern workplaces mean that IT expertise is often needed for a short period.

That’s why an increase in fixed-term contracts has occurred in recent years. The contracts offer workers the chance to get involved in a wide range of projects without having to commit to one organization for the long term.

Aside from the diversity of projects on offer, there are many other benefits associated with this way of working – especially in IT, where the pay for contractors can be quite lucrative.

However, there are also downsides, and one of the most complexes is having to fill out your own tax return every year.

Getting this wrong or leaving it too late will not only incur a fine from the tax authorities, it can also lead to employers becoming wary about awarding contracts in case they inadvertently become involved in any tax mishaps.

That’s where umbrella companies come in. By managing all of your tax affairs, and providing help with IR35 they give both you and your new employer peace of mind that all taxation requirements are being satisfied.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, it’s clear that the IT sector is a great place to work. Whether it’s the diversity of different projects or the high salaries commanded by in-demand skills, there are lots to love.

And by enlisting the help of experts to assist you with the financial affairs of your business, you can work as an IT expert safe in the knowledge that tax problems won’t cause you a headache.

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