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Top 10 Putlocker Alternative Websites To Watch Movies & TV Series

As the year is passing by, there is rapid growth and development in the field of technology. People are looking forward to more online contents, or they want to stream movies online. 

The best part movie streaming is that you can watch it way before and no need to wait for the downloading. And one of the most popular and as well as reliable movies streaming sites is none other than Putlocker.

As it has some rights authorities issues, I thought to list down top 10 sites like Putlocker for TV shows. 

10 Great Putlocker Alternatives For Non-Stop Entertainment


#1. Netflix

One of the most popular movie streaming site that is trending these days in the market is none other Netflix. I am sure you must have heard about it by now! Well!

It is highly optimized and has an easy to use interface. You can watch a good range of movies and as well TV shows in HD. All these you can get at only $9 per month. 

Visit Netflix

#2. Hulu

Unlike Putlocker, Hulu is a great online streaming site that offers you to watch some great movies and TV shows. However, this is quite unfortunate that Hulu is available only in the US so far.

It gives you access to stream cartoons, movies, Hulu original shows, etc. However, there is a subscription of $39 to pay per month which can be a big deal, but it is worth it.

Visit Hulu

#3. Movie Night

One of the famous movie streaming sites is none other than the Movie Night site. It is a great alternative for PutLocker that offers a huge collection of good movies of different genre and categories.

This site is designed in a simple way to meet the basic necessity beautifully so that you won’t miss the absence of the great PutLocker. Excited much? Well! 

Visit Movie Night

#4. NewMovies

Another modest PutLocker alternative is none other than NewMovies.ws. It is a great and useful site for streaming movies online and TV series. 

The site is so much filled with excellent contents in almost all categories, and I have listed it on the movies sites like Putlocker. You can see the movies and series according to the year (2016, 2017 and 2018 are available)  

Visit NewMovies

#5. Niter

If you want to know what makes Putlocker ranked so high, then you must visit Niter Movies. Yes! This site is so well designed and offers a user-friendly interface along with a good collection of movies to entertain you.

There you will find a TV series option where you can stream all the latest TV series. However, there are no subscription fees, unlike Amazon Prime and Netflix. 

Visit Niter

#6. WatchMoviesFree

Are you looking for a free movie streaming site that doesn’t have any subscription fees, then WatchMoviesFree is the right choice for you. It is the best site to watch movies of all kinds, genres, and artists.

The video and as well as the audio quality are good. Content search is quite easy with the user navigation. And, you have to register for free to watch the movies in HD. There is no doubt that it is one of the best movie sites like Putlocker to watch your favorite TV programs. 

Visit WatchMoviesFree

#7. Amazon Prime

Another site which is very similar to the very popular Netflix and is a perfect Putlocker alternative is none other than Amazon Prime. Yes! It offers you to stream a lot of good movies and TV shows in HD.

In this, you can watch great comedy shows and cartoons as it has a deal with Viacom. However, if you want to watch recently released movies, then you need to pay a little extra for that otherwise the cost is $6 per month. 

Visit Amazon Prime

#8. Channel 131

Channel 131 is one of the movie sites like Putlocker. However, the channel at first may seem to be blank and not attracting as it is in black and white, but to your surprise, it is easy to use the site and is good.

You can choose your favorite TV shows to stream and watch online. Although due the lack of good collection of movies, we kept it in the 8th position you can watch great TV series here. 

Visit Channel 131

#9. Yes Movies

If you are someone who wants to look out for a site that offers you an easy to use interface, then Yes Movies is the one you should look out for.

Now coming to the part of the content, then you will find almost all kind of movies and TV shows in full HD quality that you want to watch. Also, you can see a slideshow where they feature the upcoming releases. Thus I have listed it under the list of other sites like Putlocker. 

Visit Yes Movies

#10. Movie4K

Last but not the least is none other the most user-friendly site called Movies4K. Like PutLocker, this site also offers you a great collection of movies of different genres like action, adventure, etc.

It comes with an easy to access feature where you can find things accordingly. You can also search latest movies according to the released year which is nothing less than a great feature. 

Visit Movie4K


Putlocker was well-known for video streaming, and it has been facing some authority rights problem. So, the people like you are looking for the movie sites like Putlocker to watch the free streaming TV shows. 

Check the list made by me, and you will be amazed to see what else you can experience apart from the Putlocker. I hope these Putlocker alternatives will entertain you well with the favorite and exciting shows and movies. 

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  1. Thanks for the extensive list of alternative putlocker sites. Sometimes some of them don’t work, so it’s good to go to another site. From your post, I even found out about some new streaming services, I’ll add them to my bookmarks. Remember to use VPN before watching online movies or TV-series for your safety! Thanks again for the informative and useful post for me!

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