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5 Sites Like Humble Bundle For Game Enthusiasts

Are you looking for sites like humble bundle? If yes, you are in the right place to know some websites and get fun playing games

A Bundle Game mainly refers to two or more games, which are bundled and sold together, to provide minor discounts to the users. This results in the users buying more than what they could have and saves a lot too. Such bundles can comprise of games as well as other DLC items, which refer to the other downloadable contents of such games.

In Bundled games, there is a physical copy of the actual gaming software, usually in the form of DVD or Blu-ray Disc. This copy is provided to the user for free to allow the user to go ahead and run it.

Bundle Sites Like Humble Bundle For Game Lovers

This article lists the sites like Humble Bundle, and provide great options of Bundle Games for the users:


1. Fanatical

Fanatical is a widely used website for buying Bundle Games for lower prices than other websites of a similar domain. The website comes with the Fanatical Assistant which can be added to the extensions of the system’s browser, to ease out the process of selection of the best deals. It helps the buyers to find better deals for games, along with amazing discount coupons.

Advantages Of Fanatical

  • Bundle Games are cheaper here, as compared to other websites offering the same games.
  • Exclusive discount coupons for the users, which can help them build up their collection without spending much.
  • As the website notifies regarding any new offers or discounts, it helps the buyer to save time.
  • It allows the user to create their personalized Wishlist, which can help in synchronizing the game recommendations by the website.
  • The user has no compulsion of signing up for the website for checking the prices. It is completely free of any costs.
  • Also, the website comes with an excellent customer service setup, which can help the buyers to resolve their queries quickly.

2. IndieGala

IndieGala is a series that includes video gaming bundles just like Humble bundle, but a major difference between the two is that the games on IndieGala are compatible only for Microsoft Windows and with Data Rights Management (DRM). The first bundle was launched in December 2011, when the company was founded.

The games which are presented in IndieGala are majorly Steam Keys instead of directly downloadable games and other content.

Advantages Of IndieGala

  • Along with laying the main emphasis on video games, it also gives equal importance to Music albums, which distinguishes the company from others.
  • The buyers are allowed to set the revenue split, which can be divided between developers, charities, and organizations.
  • It is known for its recently launched initiative which is known as Galafund, which aims at supporting the growth and development of individual game creators.
  • However, a few exceptions of the IndieGala games which can be directly downloaded are Vizati in the first Gala and Fruit
  • Blitz in the second Gala. Also, the original version of the Postal game is accessible on Linux and Mac too, other than just Windows.
  • Just like the Humble Bundle, IndieGala also gives the liberty to its buyers for deciding the split of the revenue between the manufacturers, charity, and various other organizations.

3. Groupees

Groupees is an independent platform that is known for curated bundles on digital games, music, films, e-books, and more. The company works by running short-term bundle sales for games and more, where the people can name their price on the content that is offered, along with unlocking bonuses and discount coupons.

Advantages Of Groupees

  • It is a fun way to learn about new games, books, and music while enjoying oneself.
  • For creators and publishers, getting a title in the bundles created by Groupees helps them to reach a wider audience.
  • Along with enriching one’s knowledge about trendy games and music, people can also help in charity.
  • It aims to become a company that allows creators from different platforms to offer their services to the buyers, and also, wishes to help new creators to expand their audience.
  • The games offered are in the form of Steam keys instead of Direct downloads as it can lead to piracy.
  • With its unique concept and platform, Groupees has transformed more than 800 video games into Steam keys.
  • The company only takes up 30 percent of the revenue earned by the creator, while the rest of the amount is enjoyed by the content creator.
  • The complete control of the games remains in the hands of the creator.

4. Greenman Gaming

Greenman Gaming is a company that is known for selling, trading, supporting, and publishing games of different genres created by several gamers. It is a truly global store, which can allow the creators to sell their games at a wide platform.

Advantages Of Greenman Gaming

  • The company creates different plans for different content creators according to their needs. The digital market distribution, strategies, campaigns, royalty, and tax management is decided based on the requirements of the seller.
  • The company has expertise in digital marketing and retail services on the global front.
  • The games can be purchased with a variety of payment options, which makes this company different from others.
  • Mainly, Greenman Gaming is a site solely based on the sale of games. However, the same account of the user can also be operated for signing into Playfire, which is a social media network offered by Greenman Gaming. Here, it allows users to connect Contetwith friends and talk about games and gaming experiences.
  • Also, users can create separate collections. They can keep on adding the newer games to their collections, along with tracking their progress in gaming.
  • Along with games, there is also a small editorial blog as well as Twitch.TV for live sessions and streaming.

5. GamersGate

GamersGate is one of the best sites like Humble Bundle that sells games for more than 250 publishers and developers, including Atari, Electronics Art, 2K Games, SEGA, and Epic Games. Through GamersGate, there are more than 6000 games that are made available for the buyers.

Advantages Of GamersGate

  • Just the site like the Humble Bundle, this company also offers Downloadable Content (DLC) and Digital Rights Management free Games for the users.
  • The games are provided for various platforms, including Android, Mac, Linux, and PC.
  • It does not require any fixed sign-ups for the user to enjoy the purchased games online.
  • For GamersGate, the purchases can be made easily, and the payment can be executed by credit card or cash. Via its void system, it offered a catalog system for free games.
  • Initially, the game required software for the buyers to access the purchased games. But nowadays, people can have easy access to the games through the micro download feature.
  • The policies of the company are beneficial for the customers.


In Bundled Games, there is additional content that is available for the user other than the original game, including DLCs. These also include individually developed games that feature multi-platform support including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android System. It can also include currency for microtransactions or anything that could be ‘bundled’ with the main game.

Sometimes, the add-ons do not form a part of the main game, which should be checked thoroughly. The buyer should personally research what exactly forms a part of the main game. I hope you got some good sites like Humble Bundle to spend some quality time and chill out, share your thoughts with me! 

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