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10 Best Sites Like Craigslist To Buy Or Sell

Oh, that good, old Craiglist! Well!

If you are someone who likes to sell or buy used products, then you must stay up-to-date with some of the best-classified sites.

However, when we all talk about classified sites, we can’t afford to miss the name of the most famous sites out of all which is none other than Craigslist.

But we can’t also deny some of the other sites which are as great as Craigslist. Moreover, the site is following some strict rules and hence the people like you are looking for the sites similar to Craigslist. 

Here are the top 10 Sites Like Craigslist which performs equally great and are quite effective.

Best 10 Craigslist Alternative Classified Websites

Here are the top 10 best alternatives for Craigslist which you can trust. These websites are equally good and can work to solve your buy/sell purpose.


#1. Oodle

If you are looking for a site that is an exact alternative to one of the best site Craiglist, then nothing can beat Oodle. It is a platform that offers you to buy and sell things locally.

This site is great and easy to use as all ads are displayed with thumbnails which makes it easier to look at. You can even download the mobile app version of Oodle which is really a great initiative.

#2. GumTree

In the UK, the classifieds site that most of the people use is none other than Gumtree. Buyers and sellers from South Africa, as well as Australia, are also using this site extensively.

This Craigslist alternative site is easy to use and can be easily handled by anyone. If you want to look for any product for selling or buying purpose, then GumTree is one of the best choices you can surely go for.

#3. Locanto

Are you looking for a site that offers you online classifieds in over 65 countries?

Well! Then no need to look out for any other site other than Locanto. Ads from national retailers are also accepted by this site and hence you can’t expect everything from local.

However, if you post your ads on a city board, then it is free. Also, there is an option to pay extra to extend the life of the ads and to post in different cities. It is one of the best classifieds like Craigslist that is worth trying to buy or sell the things. 

#4. Ads Globe

Over a million people around the globe are using one of the most simple and easy to use classified sites which is none other than Ads Globe.

It is free to use and have some of the best features to help you out with choosing your product or in case of selling even you will get a good easy to use interface.

This site similar to Craigslist has thousands of ads categories and adoptions for targeted advertising.

#5. OLX

If you stay in India, then you must be aware of OLX. Well! It is a very popular online selling and buying sites unlike Craigslist not only in India but all over the world.

It is one of the simple and excellent websites like Craigslist where you can post your requirements for free and also can check out things that you want to buy.

You don’t even need to sign up while using it. However, you can also download the OLX app. It operates in more than 45 countries with the specifically dedicated domain.

#6. USNetAds

Since the year 2006, the site that is ruling the market is none other than US Free Ads. However, since this Craigslist alternative site is quite old, it has a very simple layout.

You can immediately post your ads without a need to signup and click the link in the email confirmation. If you are looking for the free classified sites like Craigslist, then it is the right choice for unlimited Ad access. 

#7. Trovit

If you are looking for a classified site which is reliable yet worth trying, then no other site can match the reliability of Trovit. It is presently accessible to more than 50 countries that includes some big countries like USA, UK, UAE, Mexico and so on.

However, the Trovit is a well-organized site with a simple interface so that users can easily use it to buy or sell different items. So, if you are looking for sites similar to Craigslist, then you must land over here! 

#8. Facebook Marketplace

Now you must be wondering what makes Facebook is a great place to sell and buy?

Well! In that case, you should know that there is a Marketplace available on FaceBook that allows you to buy and sell the things that you can do in classified websites. 

If you are having a bad time selling something on craigslist, then you can easily list it down on Facebook and get it to sell off quickly.

#9. Hoobly

If you are looking for a no-nonsense website that simply focuses on giving out information to the users, then you should have a look at this classified site like Craigslist, Hoobly.

However, the homepage of the website is a little complicated but the search box and the navigation helps a lot in finding what you are looking for quiet fast. There are several categories out there from where you can search relevant things.

#10. AdLand Pro

one of the fantastic Craigslist type sites that provides you with free and as well as both paid ads services is none other than the AdLand Pro.

Though it is last in our list as we can’t afford to miss it and hence we included it in our list of top 10 best-classified sites like Craigslist.

It allows you to post more than 20 ads for free but if you want to post are ads, then you need to upgrade it.


Do you know what are classified sites? Well! They are the best platform to buy or sell any product or any used stuff. Whenever we talk about classified sites, we can’t miss out the name of Craigslist.

However, if you are uncomfortable with that classified site, then here I have tried my level best to list out some of the best alternatives for Craigslist. 

Do let me know your choice which one you will like to use and why! 

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