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Secure your Smartphone with a VPN service while accessing public Wi-Fi

It has become quite ubiquitous these days we are always connected to the internet no matter where we are located geographically, thanks to the rapid developments in mobile computing over the past couple of years. We are almost always connected to the internet even while on the move without Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other such devices. Recently a study has shown that, 89% of the global Wi-Fi networks are not secured. This shows the reluctance on the users’ end to care for their privacy and security while accessing the internet. With the government and the ISP interrupting on your private internet surfing task, a VPN service is all you need to secure your Smartphone while accessing public Wi-Fi networks.


Public Wi-Fi networks make a case for hacking and spying, given that your data is uncompressed raw data and intercepting your connection to the internet is easy while on such public Wi-Fi networks. People often get their sensitive data and bank passwords stolen when they login to such websites over public Wi-Fi networks without the necessary measures to secure the internet connection. With the rise in the number of smartphones and tablets, there has also been a tremendous rise in the risks of using a public Wi-Fi hotspot for accessing your sensitive data such as bank and PayPal accounts. People need to learn more about the securing of their Smartphones and Tablets while using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Use CactusVPN for your secured access of Public networks

A mobile security and a password protected Wi-Fi network does not guarantee you a secured network free from all kinds of hackers and other vulnerabilities. Data can be intercepted over public Wi-Fi hotspots easily and are one of the most targeted by hackers. Connecting to a VPN server while on the move is a great way to encrypt your browsing data and free yourself from the woes of being hacked over such networks.

CactusVPN offers a great VPN service that works with just every available device and operating system. The wide operating system and device support ensures that you’re Smartphone and tablets will always be secured from all kinds of vulnerabilities while accessing public Wi-Fi networks. Getting a single account subscription of CactusVPN allows sharing of the network simultaneously between three different devices, provided that the devices are on three different VPN servers.


The wide range of VPN protocols have let CactusVPN achieve that level of anonymous web browsing and encrypting the user’s browsing data. Some of the best of the VPN protocols like PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP and Softether are used by CactusVPN. CactusVPN are also the first VPN providers to have included the latest SoftEther protocol. The SoftEther VPN protocol is one of the most recently released VPN protocol offering the best encryption and stability for a wide range of internet activities. These protocols provide a great range of encryption and the user can select the desired protocol for a given set of internet activities.


So, now you can make use of CactusVPN services’ servers and use public Wi-Fi networks safely on your mobile phones and tablets while on the go. With over 13 VPN servers over 4 countries, now you can anonymously and securely connect to public networks without worrying about hackers and other vulnerabilities of these networks.

CactusVPN is offering great discounts of up to 80% on their VPN services on the account of Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Make the most of the offers and grab up the deal during 24th November to 3rd December for securing your smartphones while connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

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