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Screen Sharing Tools That Help You Stay Connected In Real Time

Online screen sharing can make collaborating for work, personal activities, and school easier. It is a convenient way to share work and connect with people, immediately, across the globe.

How Does Screen Sharing Work?

When you need to work with another company, an employee who is working from home, or anyone who can’t meet with you physically and in-person, screen-sharing software can be the perfect fit.

Screen sharing helps you connect right away on business-sensitive topics and address immediate needs, and it can be crucial for businesses to stay on top of technological changes.

It is connecting people in real-time by helping us engage in a more immediate fashion. There are services that can help you perform app sharing, accounting, and teaching. There are even services that allow you to connect with a doctor — virtually!

These apps and software services are transforming the way the world does business and creating a more collaborative marketplace. They help to optimize how we engage in everything from our personal lives to our professional transactions.

There are options for companies that can’t pay anything, who are running Windows, or who value features the most and are willing to shell out a few bucks for the perfect fit.

Whatever your professional needs are, there is a screen-sharing service for you.

Top 5 Benefits Of Screen Sharing

1. Quick Accessibility

Screen sharing allows you to have a look at your colleague’s screen in real-time, you can see the content and come to a conclusion as well. It transforms one-way communication into an interactive meeting without spending much time.

Moreover, it is highly helpful during a web conference as it can be used to invite attendees. Moreover, the participants can view the files which are opened on your screen.

Hence no need to transfer files and send invites. With screen sharing, everything is quick and accessible.

2. Complete Remote Support

Another biggest benefit of screen sharing is remote support. With a few simple mouse clicks, you can share your desktop screen and get complete technical support.

The activities can be controlled via the client’s keyword and mouse. This ensures you get timely technical support without physically moving.

3. Secured

The biggest benefit of screening sharing tool is easy sharing of critical information without compromising the security of critical data.

Screen sharing incorporates 256 Bit AES encryption and is widely recognized for the utmost security feature.

4. Reliable

It is a must for the screen sharing tool to be highly reliable, especially when you are using it for work.

In the case of screen freezing, there can be some disturbance in the communication flow and it can have a negative impact on clients. Make sure to invest in a good tool which offers great speed and reliability.

5. Cost-Effective

A screen sharing tool is not only limited to big companies and big projects, thanks to the budget-friendly options. Now, these tools are also available for a small business even when you are running low on budget.

There are also good performing freeware tools which can be a cheap option to get started with online communication.

Good Performing Freeware Tools

1. Join.me

If you are familiar with LogMeIn, then you will recognize Join.me, a similar screen-sharing site.

The software is easy to use — it is compatible with most browsers, and also free for some of the basic features.

Free features include:

  • VoIP
  • Screen sharing
  • Up to 10 participants
  • Mobile app accessibility
  • File transfers
  • Share controls
  • Whiteboards

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

The Chrome Remote Desktop extension is unique in that it’s not an app — it is an extension that is compatible with any Chrome browser. After navigating to the Chrome Extensions marketplace, you can enable the extension in your browser.

Once you have the extension enabled, and the person or device you want to share your screen with has it enabled there, you can sign up by linking your Chrome/Google account to Remote Desktop.

Then, you set your personal identification number (PIN). When someone wants to access your device, you send them the secure PIN, and they can log in to your device.

3. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a screen-sharing and collaboration platform that needs the host’s AnyDesk address or alias to work.

If your location has poor internet connectivity, then AnyDesk may be the best for you. It is built to run on bandwidths as low as 100 kB/sec, which is relatively small.

AnyDesk offers enhanced security, flexibility to login via any browser, and other features. While AnyDesk does not offer a free version, the Lite version is only $10.99 per month.

Which Platform Should I Pick?

Screen-sharing platforms are moving the world forward as employees, contractors, and businesses work remotely across the world.

When picking a platform, take a look at what works best for you and how it will connect the people you want to talk with. Check out which platform has the features you need, and the price you can pay for it.

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