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School Fundraising Events: Try Out These Five Ideas

Encouraging your students to donate for a cause while engaging them in an activity brings both fun and funds. But how you come up with school fundraising ideas that build hype among students and enable you to raise good money? Here are the top 5 ideas that you should try for your fundraising event.

Best Fundraising Activities To Get Donation For School

Fashion Show

Kids and adults both love fashion, right? How about you turn their interest in fashion to raise funds for your cause. You can arrange a fashion show for kids to entertain them, encourage them to participate in fashion activities, and eventually raise funds in the end.

Invite the school kids to stitch some clothes or make fashion accessories to compete in the fashion show. You can charge an admission fee from the students to join the event.

Other than that, you can also arrange to sell the students’ fashion creations in the auction. This event will not only attract many students but also increase the chances of raising funds. You can easily arrange school fundraising events with My School Connect.

Talent Gala

Students love to show their talent to the world. Sometimes the school rules and pressure from the parents or peers can discourage them from bringing their talent in front of the world. Arranging a talent gala for fundraising purposes is excellent for both raising more funds and entertaining students.

You can sell tickets to the event and ask your students to pay a specific talent category fee. You can charge more fees from the students who want to show their talent or performing arts. This is an easy event to organize but has the potential to raise significant funds.

Car Wash Activity

Cars get messy, and people don’t like to wash the car themselves. How about you make it easier for parents to get their cars a fresher look and engage the students in a fun activity? Car wash fundraiser event is a great way to cater to the students’ older students and parents at your school.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to organize this activity. All you need is water, clothes, and energetic students willing to participate in a healthy activity.

Cooking Competition

Both the parents and students love tasty dishes. You can arrange a cooking competition in your school and set a fee for registering for the event. You can also sell pancakes at the event to the participants.

Cooking competition doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. Just organize the event and see the funds rolling!

Hair Dye Competition

It’s the 21st century, and kids love to dye their hair in all the dazzling colors. Schools don’t allow students to dye their hair, but how about allowing it for only a day?

Hair dye competition is an event that can bring you huge funds at minimal event set-up cost. Sell tickets to the competition and get ready to see the funds going up!

Service Day

Doing service is a noble art. It helps kids develop sympathy or empathy and help the needy ones without denying their request. The jobs can be split up between the teams or groups and carried out.

If necessary, a few instructions and guidelines can be put up on what jobs are allowed to be taken up, just to keep the kids away from any mishap. It immensely helps the school gain recognition in the respective community.


Fun is a must for arranging a fundraising event and engaging the students. Make sure to come up with a compelling idea and focus your energies on raising as many funds as possible! I hope you like my creative ideas to grab more funds. Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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