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7 Excellent Tricks To Save Money On Vacation

A Basic Scenario

Vacation is a gateway for people from their busy and monotonous life, and they get to travel to new places.

Many people opt for a vacation so that they can refresh themselves and explore new places, culture, food and much more. However, people often overspend during their vacation, especially on unnecessary things that might be avoided.

People hardly keep track on their expenditure, but if they can restrict themselves to a certain area, then they can use it other things that will matter during a vacation like food or traveling other places. There are a lot of ways to curb down expenditure and save a lot of money.

Many people love to travel and explore new places without wasting money on unnecessary things during vacation. Travelers often look for tricks on the internet which will help them to save money on vacation and invest them in traveling to beautiful places during vacation.

It has been seen people waste money on shopping, hotels and other tourist traps rather than spending on traveling experience. Peak season forces people to spend a lot during vacation as they can’t minimize the traveling experience by suppressing their budget.

So it is always best to pre-plan your trips in such a way that you get to explore beautiful places without worrying about the budget.

Many travelers who occasionally travel always move around as locals which help them to save a lot of money. These kinds of people provide more priority towards traveling experience rather than on hotels, entertainment, shopping and other useless activities.

If you are on a tight budget but want to have an amazing travel experience, then you can use some simple tricks to save money during a vacation. Here is the list of some tricks that will help you to save on unnecessary travel expenses.

7 Excellent Tricks To Save Money On Vacation

The following points will depict some ingenious tricks that will help you to save money during the holiday!


1. Traveling During Low Season

The best way to skim off the extra money on vacation is by traveling during low season because it will be less crowded and you will get better deals in car rentals, transportation, hotel, food, activity prices and other things.

During peak season, tourist places tend to overcharge people as they know that people are ready to spend money during their vacation. There is a tendency that people mostly travel during festival seasons and school holiday, so those are the times you should avoid.

Hotels and cars ask for extra charges due to huge demand, which often hampers the budget of many travelers. So it is the best travel during the low season where you can find rooms at good hotels at a cheap rate, and car rental prices get slashed by a large margin.

Even flights get cheaper during the low season especially to tourist places due to a low number of tourists.

2. Look For Apps Or Websites

Look for apps or websites that allow you to find cheap hotels in many tourist places as it will check from overspending in hotels during your vacation. People mostly book a hotel on site or book hotels from a reputed travel website which hardly provides any discount.

It has been seen that when you book directly with the hotel, they tend to overcharge you depending on the situation. So it’s best to opt for apps that provide a listing of hotels at a cheap rate. Sites like AirBnB, Make My Trip; GoIbibo has listed many cheap hotels in their database so you can easily book from them.

You can even find home stays in many tourists that provide a decent room at a reasonable rate which helps you preserve money for your travel. Another perk of staying in private rooms or home stay is that you get meals and snacks. These places help you explore the culture of that vacation when you interact with them.

3. Use Public Transportation

Try to opt for public transportation during your vacation as they are affordable and often come at a cheap rate. You can avail railway system instead of flight as they are comparably more inexpensive, but trains take a good amount of time.

Most places in tourist areas there are government bus services that ply between various roots, and you can avail them as fares are nominal and will drop you safely at the intended place.

Many tourism departments offer bus services to tourist at the cheap rate, and you can avail them instead of spending an enormous amount of money on cars. If you are traveling in a city, then instead of hiring cars opt for local transports like auto or metro which are quite cheap.

Nowadays car service apps like Ola and Uber provides pool service so you can quickly reach your destination at a minimal rate. You can even rent bikes which serve as an unusual way of saving money on vacation.

4. Cutting Down The Unnecessary List

Always plan your vacation and provide an emphasis on places or things that matter to you while cutting down the unnecessary list. Avoid buying souvenirs for your home because they are quite useless and you should rather spend on activities that will make your journey memorable.

There are many activities like river rafting, bungee jumping, Paragliding, cycling, snorkeling, skiing, and many others which you will throughout your lifetime. You should be ruthless when skimping extra things that won’t be useful for your vacation.

According to expert travelers, people spend a lot of money on liquor and entertainment, so you avoid them and spend more on your journey to different places.

People below the age of 30 love visit pubs and bars during their vacation and that place makes a dent on your pocket. It is not a good idea to spend your hard earned money of boozes while you are on vacation and instead you should spend on other things.

5. Eat Local Food

Avoid spending your money on restaurants and spend money on local foods from a street vendor who provides same tasty at a nominal price. When you eat like a local, it assists you to explore new cuisines which will be a memorable part of your journey.

Local foods from traditional shops or street vendors always come cheap as they don’t charge extra money. Most of the restaurants in holiday destinations try to con customers by overpricing food items. Many hotels provide free breakfast to their clients, and you can utilize that money for other purposes.

However, not all street vendors will serve you great food, you should ask the locals or scour through travel blogs where you will get a lot of information best street vendors at your travel destination. Apart from street vendors, there are many small restaurants that provide tasty foods at a nominal rate, but you won’t get exotic ambiance.

6. Currency Exchange

If you are traveling to a foreign country always avoid opting for currency exchange because it takes a significant toll on your budget. When you withdraw money from your bank account, the bank will charge you a lot of money for cash during each withdrawal. So either you take out a significant amount of money at once or use your debit card at every place.

Most of the sites in foreign countries accept debit cards, but you should allot some hard cash for places without card facility. You can even convert your currency before heading out to your holiday place because this is a cheap way to alter your currency.

7. Choose Less Crowded Vacation

Another excellent trick to save money on travel is choosing a less crowded vacation destination because traveling and enjoying a holiday in those places will be a lot of cheaper. Premier tourist destinations are always overpriced, so it is best to avoid popular areas.

There are many places within your country and abroad where you can enjoy your vacation at low cost, and you will find the same amount of beauty in these locations also.

Bottom Line

You can follow the tricks as mentioned earlier, which will cut down your travel budget by a large margin, and you won’t have to compromise on a budget for traveling to other beautiful places.

Do you have any other good tips to save our hard earned bucks during the vacation trip? Share your ideas in the comment section. 

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