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Sales and Marketing Techniques That Work In 2019

The purpose of marketing is to create a brand name for your business and hence you could sell your product easily. So, how to make marketing and sales work for your business? Let’s discuss in this post! 

Working Strategies of Business Marketing And Sales

1. Sales Haven’t Fundamentally Changed

Sales have been around as a profession for a very long time. Selling began since the beginning of trade when a seller convinced a potential buyer to see the value in an item that he or she had for sale.

The basic concept of solving another person’s problems with a product has not changed, but the methods and ways of reaching prospects have changed significantly over time as technology has improved.

Selling evolved from trade between two people using items, to using currency, to markets, to using telegraphs and telephones. Goods and services can now be delivered in a matter of minutes across distances which took weeks to travel.

2. Cold Calling Is Effective And Relevant

Cold calling is still relevant even in current times when you might be tempted to reach a prospect only through social media. Cold calling allows you to get the prospect’s attention, and build a dialogue between you and the prospect.

You’re able to listen to the prospect and understand their fears and concerns over the phone. You’re also able to overcome any of the objections that they might have while you’re on the phone with the prospect.

3. You Now Have Access To More Information Than Ever

One of the biggest game-changers in 2019 is that you now have access to more information than you ever have had in the past. Search for the prospect’s name and learn a little bit about them by searching for their social media accounts.

Learn about what they are passionate about, learn about their career history and use the information to tailor your sales pitch to the prospect in order to address the prospect as a unique individual.

LinkedIn is the best place to visit if you are in a B2B sales role. Look for information on the company to learn about their growth pace and what type of industry they are in so you can anticipate their pain points.

4. Begin Sales Calls With A Strong Opener

The opener at the beginning is crucial for the success of the rest of the call. You should introduce yourself, the name of your company, and ask the prospect how they are doing. Follow up by stating the reason for the call.

Your goal should be to gain the prospect’s attention within the first 5 seconds of the call so that you can get more time on the phone with the prospect to be able to describe the value that you are providing to them.

5. Focus On Building Rapport And Empathy

Don’t use a script to guide your sales calls. When you use a script, you miss out on the opportunity to build rapport with the prospect and empathize with the prospect’s concerns.

Use the call to determine the needs of the customer that you’re trying to meet with your product or service. Ensure that you re-iterate the emotions that the prospect expresses throughout the call.

If they sound frustrated with an existing process, just express your understanding in how overwhelming the process might be.

6. Don’t Forget Your Objective

Remember that you are trying to convince a prospect to meet with you or someone else within your company when you are initiating contact.

Your primary goal behind sales prospecting through cold calling is to convince the prospect to take a meeting with you.

This will allow you to sit down with the prospect and gain their trust and get a better understanding of the problem you are solving for them.

7. Gain Agreement Regarding The Purpose Of The Meeting

When you are in the process of scheduling a meeting, ensure that you are gaining agreement with the prospect on the reason behind the meeting, the time required for the meeting, and the expected outcome of the meeting.

This will eliminate surprises during the meeting, and ensure that the meeting goes smoothly from the perspective of both sides of the sale.

8. Close The Prospect on the Meeting

The final step in the process is to close the prospect of a meeting.

Once you have determined that the prospect is interested in your product, follow up with a question that moves them to the next step in the process such as in asking if they have a calendar on hand.

This gets the prospect into the state of mind that they need to find time in their schedule to meet with you.

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