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How To Reduce Background Noise On Mic In Windows 10


Do you need all those sophisticated equipment to have a high-quality recording? If you consider the level of noise being created daily by the hustle and bustle of modern cities, you would say yes.

It’s not just about the equipment; you will be thinking about having a soundproof room to provide you with the best acoustics.

The question, however, is, how many people would be able to afford all of that?

You don’t need all that to have your audio or video recorded with less background noise. Take it from me; you can’t completely avoid background noise.

Based on the experience, users have even claimed that the default settings of Windows 10 laptop are not optimized to take care of the background noise.

Your recordings might miss the mark with such noise if you don’t find a way of reducing their incursion into your recordings.

The good news is that there are several ways to reduce or, at least, prevent these ‘noise pollution’ from marring the recording that you have thoroughly prepared for.

Let me take you through some steps to reduce the background noise on Mic Windows 10. Trust me, as usual. I’ll like to break it down for newbies too.

Guide To Lessen The Background Noise Of Mic In Windows 10

Step 1: Go to “Control Panel” by typing “control panel” in the search box found on the taskbar, or press Window + X key to call up the Quick Access menu where you can see the Control Panel option.


Step 2: You will have several options coming up on Windows 10 Operating System which will include“Hardware and Sound.” Click the option.


Step 3: You will then see “Sound” among the options appearing by the right. Click on that.

Step 4: Another box will then appear giving your four tabs from among which you will choose “Recording.” All recording devices installed on and attached to your computer will come up.


Since we are dealing with the microphone this time, right click on the mic that you are using for your audio and video recording. From the list of the menu that will pop up, select “Properties.”

Step 5: One of the tabs you will see in the dialog box that will appear on your screen is “Level.” Check this to see your “Microphone” level.


Normally, it should be on 100. It is the maximum. If it’s not there, move the slider to the maximum level.

Step 6:  If you observe that the level of the sound you’re getting while recording is lower than desirable, move  “Microphone Boost” slider upward to+10.0 dB. You can even move it further up to the desirable level.

Step 7: You are not yet done. Another tab you will find here is “Enhancement.” The pop-up options under this include “Immediate Mode” up toward right.

Select and go to the box under to check the box “Acoustic Echo  Cancellation and Noise Suppression” or just “Noise Suppression.”

Step 8: After making all these selections, click the “OK” tab below to save your changes.

These steps greatly reduce the background noise automatically when you are using Mic in Windows 10 for your recording as all less audible sound will have been filtered out.

However, there are other considerations if you want to get the best result in your recording.

You have to remember that Microsoft has its reasons for the default setting that you’ve just adjusted to your circumstances. What you have simply done is that you have altered the default performances of your microphone setting.

To compensate for that, you have to put certain things in place while recording and know some actions to avoid in other to complement the enhanced setting.

But before you can do that, you must understand why background noise is unavoidable. They are created by nature, humans, and animals. For instance, natural phenomena like rain, running water, and whirling wind produce sound and these are considered noise in a recording session.

You can’t control the shrill calls of chirping birds and other animals expressing their emotions. Vehicular movement produces traffic sounds like honking, revving and others, which can be penetrating if you are not in a soundproof studio.

And since you are not living in isolation, depending on where you are recording and the time, there are sounds in the house which are normally found anywhere humans are living. Neighbors talk casually, babies make noise, and kids play around with their toys. These simple, harmless activities are a source of great a headache for someone in a recording session.

You can’t control neighbors’ HVAC, fan, TV, games, music, alarm, and other home appliances and kitchenware that produce different sounds which add up to increase the volume level of the unwanted background noise for recording.

In spite of all of these, the nine steps above will be of great help in reducing the effect of that on your audio and video production.

However, as I said earlier, you have to master a few tips and tricks apart from the one you did on the control panel of your Windows 10. 

Other Tips To Lower The Mic’s Background Sound In Windows 10

Go For Quality

If your budget is low, you are most likely to get a low-quality microphone. “Cheap” microphones are not cheap, after all, as they’ll soon be producing hums after a short while which will render them unsuitable if you want to reduce background noise.

Or which noise can be more disgusting in the audio and video production than the one produced by the microphone itself? So insist on the high-quality microphone or a headset with a noise-canceling microphone.

Get Close To The Mic

Maintain a distance of a foot or less to your microphone. After all the settings, determine your optimal distance and stick to it.

Maintain The Use Of Reflection Shield

This will help you reduce the chances of other sounds, including probably the mouth noise, penetrating the recording.

Try Air Filter And Pop Filter

As far as minimizing background noise is concerned, this can do it better than the reflection shield.

Try Enhancement Software

There are lots of background noise reduction software in their respective stores that can run well with Mic in Windows 10. Some of them even help with the steps listed above while others will react to the sudden increase in noise level based on the setting you put it.

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