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How to recover deleted photos from camera SD card

One of the situations that caused the data is deleted often occurs during wrong operation procedure that users unplug SD card from camera. The best solution that avoids losing more photos from SD card is to equip the useful recovery software on the computer in advance so as to make easy to get back deleted photos once operational errors occur. Generally speaking, most of deleted data from genuine SD card can be recovered. In order to ensure the recovery processing effectively, making a correct choice of recovery software is the most important issue for users to consider. Coolmuster Data Recovery is the professional digital graphic data recovery tool. It can help recover deleted data from flash memory such as hard disc, CF card, MMC, SD and PDA and it supports various formats for example, .jpg .gif .crw .bmp .tiff .mpg .png. Moreover, the program supports Windows 7 and Mac OS operational system with 64-bit PC. To recover lost photos, videos, files from camera SD card. You should read this topic: recover photos from SD card without any loss.


With Advanced algorithm, Coolmuster Data Recovery can easily identify the deleted actual data size even SD card is severely corrupted. It can go through simple and easy way to use three steps with recovery wizard that include quick scanning, deep scanning and all in one scanning. Therefore, the deleted data including photos, videos and files can be saved as recovered files to any disc accessible to the host operating system. The features this program save recovery session can help users to re-load recovered data tree from previous scan so as to save time for users in searching in re-organizing files. For those which occurs severe damaged partitions and/or tracks, Coolmuster Data Recovery can create disk images automatically to recover from drives having bad sectors. The fact that users have to pay more attention is to ensure that the recovery targeting files should be located in SD card rather than a system disc. Besides from the wrongly unplugging SD card from camera, accidentally pressing format and deleting button on users’ camera are as well the main common causes for photo data loss which usually make data suddenly disappear from the camera.


For Mac user, Coolmuster Data Recovery for Mac app also provides the perfect solution for users to recover their important deleted data. The procedure of download and installation can be completed extremely fast. Once this program is launch in the computer, users can select drive from where they need to recover the data. The best way to be recommended upon this point is to create a new file for ready to save the recovery files, as well as to select the files type. Most of deleted photos can be recovered throughout the quick scanning function. By the “preview” option, users can check whether the deleted files are recovered totally according to the files size and files name which can be shown clearly in the recovery files. If any remainder of deleted data has not been recovered fully, users can select them one more time for using one in all function to recover. It is important that recovery data including photos, videos and files need to save into another healthy drive.

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