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How to Record Streaming Audio on PC – Movavi Screen Capture Studio

If you are a music enthusiast, who loves to download any audio track online, you can get your desired track without installing any expensive software on your PC. The Internet has a range of video recording software, but not all are equally competent.

Distinct among all the available software applications is the new Movavi Screen Capture Studio that lets you save your screencasts in a number of formats such as FLAC, MP3, WAV, or other many others. This software can be used as an online sharing application, voice recorder, as well as a screen video recorder which is its primary function.


For first time users, the question pertains that what is the best and the fastest Streaming Audio recorder on PC. 

Download Movavi Screen Capture Studio to Record Streaming Audio

Listed below is the step by step procedure of downloading such audio on PC using this program.

Step 1: Install Movavi’s Program for Sound Capture

Step one requires the users to install a Movavi’s Program that can grab and download the audio, as per the on-screen instructions. Simply run the run the downloaded file MovaviScreenCaptureSetup.exe which will then install this program. Follow the instructions to complete its three simple step process which will help you capture any internet audio.

Step 2: Define Your Specific Capturing Parameters

In order to record videos as per your individual specifications, you are required to specify the same in the first place. Capture the streaming music or podcasts, by recording the screen, followed by saving the same into an audio file. The process requires you to ensure that the System Audio icon which is placed right in the center of the window features a green checkmark.


In case it’s not showing, just click on the same to make it visible. Afterward, go to the web page that has the desired audio track. If you have a music video clip, you might want to record a video stream as well. In order to record the same, adjust the yellow frame according to the size of your video file. If you need the audio file, simply position the frame anyplace on the screen and the job will be done.

Step 3: Record the Online Audio Stream

This task is a click away. Click on ‘REC’ to initiate the process of sound recording in 5 seconds. You will be required to start the playback during the countdown in case you are recording any webcast, internet radio, or a YouTube clip from a video sharing website. Once the audio gets downloaded, select the Stop option to wind up the entire process.

Step 4: Edit the Recorded Audio and Save It

After downloading the desired audio, you can edit the same.Trim its length by dragging the triangle markers featured on seek bar till the required time points. This software also enables some advanced editing options, choose the ‘Edit’ button.

This will redirect you to built-in video editing app, wherein user can easily split the clip into two or more parts, followed by adding fade-in or out effects, etc.You can bypass this step in case you don’t want to edit your clip. Expand the Save as list; select the audio format, save it.

I hope that you would like to install this record streaming audio software from Movavi!

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