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5 + 5 Valid Reasons To Switch To Digital Books

We all would like to use the latest technology gadgets and how about e-reading? You may hesitate to read your preferred piece of content with the digital books, but if I tell its unique benefits, then you would be interested in getting a brand new e-reader.

Yes, if you’re an avid reader, it’s time to put down that paperback and switch to eBooks. You may ask “Why?”

Top Reasons To Get An EReader

Well, here are just a few great reasons to go the electronic route and swap that series of tomes for a lightweight, compact e-book.


1. It’s Cheaper

If you’re reading more than two books a month, think about how much money that you’re spending. Yes, it’s for a great cause, but at $10 a book (or more!), it can add up to some serious cash after just a few months. By going digital, you can save at least a few dollars per book, if not more.

If you want to watch your savings grow, consider trying a subscription service with a flat monthly fee, like Scribd or Playster. Scribd lets users enjoy three e-books and one audiobook per month and Playster offers unlimited access to its catalog of premium audiobooks and e-books.

The coolest part about Playster is that it also gives subscribers unlimited access to music, movies and games. These subscription services can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

2. It’s WAY Lighter

Books can become pretty cumbersome when you’re on-the-go during your daily commute or trying to pack for a vacation. If you want to save some much-needed space in your bag or carry-on, going digital is a great option.

If you’re a heavy reader, you can quickly bring a whole library of books with you for a week at the beach without having to lug around a bunch of heavy volumes. The same goes for commuting.

Holding onto a book while your other hand is trying to grasp onto something sturdy can be tricky. With an e-reader or tablet, that problem is easily solved, allowing you to turn pages with a single hand.

3. It Stops People From Judging Your Cover

Admit it; you’ve read a few books in your life that you’d prefer no one to know about. If you were part of the 50 Shades phenomenon, for example, and were embarrassed about people potentially finding out, digital books are for you. 

They’re an excellent way to hide your favorite guilty pleasures and enjoy scandalous stories without getting funny looks on public transit.

4. It Leaves Less Of A Carbon Footprint

Think of all the paper you can help save just by going digital! Yes, it’s true that manufacturing tablets affect the environment as well, but cutting down on some paper books, magazines and newspapers we consume can have a real positive impact on our planet.

Studies have shown that producing an e-reader, such as a Kindle, emits the same amount of CO2 as printing 30 books, but it gives you access to thousands of titles. We may not be able to eliminate our carbon footprint as avid readers, but we can certainly help reduce it!

5. It Lets You Borrow Books Without Leaving Home

Some libraries have started their e-branch and give access to read your favourite books from the comfort of your home. It is open for all over the day, and you can choose the period of expiration. When you reach the termination time, the ebook will be automatically removed from your digital reader.

Thus, you don’t need to go the library to renew or return the books. No need to pay a penalty for late return as well.

Other Compelling Causes For Moving To EReader

  • Immediate access and never get lost
  • Possible to change the font shape, size & colour
  • Share the desired piece of content on social media
  • Reading speed estimation can be done
  • Easy to take notes and bookmark particular part of the tale

Final Words

And there you have it! When you search online, you will come to know the extensive collection of free eBooks available.

I would say that the digital books are pleasurable stuff for the avid readers to get most out of their reading. Now tell, will you make the switch to e-books?

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