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Is the PRINCE2 Foundation And Practitioner Certification Useful? Should I Study PRINCE2?


The Projects IN Controlled Environments Certification or PRINCE2 Certification has evolved into a standard methodology for management of a project.

PRINCE2 certification has taken up a useful and a much more global form to learn about the management and execution of projects.

Currently, major international organizations have adopted the PRINCE2 standard of project management. If we talk about the European Union, PRINCE2 is the most broadly and extensively used project management system, with Agile Systems coming at a second spot.

As PRINCE2 follows a standard approach towards a project it can be implemented successfully on almost any project in any organization.

Also, since PRINCE2 uses a common language, system and methods it efficiently does its job of providing you the skills to manage a project.

What Industry Does PRINCE2 Certification Correspond To?

PRINCE2 doesn’t belong to any specific industry or organization and this is the best thing about it. It is highly adjustable.

Hence, it doesn’t matter to which organization you belong, what is your organization’s size or the project size and what techniques you already are using; PRINCE2 can be effectively molded with the requirements of your project.

Hence, you actually can save a lot of time, money and effort involved in your project with the aid and assistance of PRINCE2.

Why Should I Get Certified In PRINCE2?


Getting certified for PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Course has got a plethora of advantages for you. But, first of all, you must choose a reliable source for getting the required certification.

In my opinion, Simplilearn is the best to get the certification and enjoy the amazing benefits of PRINCE2 course.

Under the guidance and mentorship of Jeff Allen, who is a highly-respected project management expert with over 15 years of experience, you are bound to learn efficiently about various project management techniques employed during the project lifecycle.

1. Develop Good Analyzing Skills

PRINCE2 certification can actually open up your mind and prepare it to tackle the project related problems from all angles. This way you are actually enhancing your problem-solving capabilities.

Also, since you better understand the project you are employed on; it is bound to increase your work efficiency towards the project. All this goes towards the efficient and proper management of the project.

Moreover, you even develop your self-assessment or introspection skills with PRINCE2 certification. Self-assessment is ideal and is, definitely, required for a project’s success.

2. It Eases The Management Of Projects

Now, it may happen that you are involved in multiple projects. Tackling requirements for multiple projects at once can be a tedious task. PRINCE2 comes to your aid and assistance in this.

Firstly, since you are able to analyze the problems in a much better way you are able to provide a working solution for issues corresponding to multiple projects.

Secondly, PRINCE2 doesn’t involve management of a project directly. Instead, it provides you with an underlying structure to carry out project executions in a simple yet efficient manner.

PRINCE2 is essential to know about the connection between the underlying structure and the project. This way, you are able to handle multiple projects at once with ease and simplicity.

3. Gain The Ability To Guide Your Project To Success

With PRINCE2 certification under your belt, you are more acclaimed with a new universe of language and processes. This helps you to look into problems in a different way as compared to your non-certified colleagues.

Hence, you develop the much-needed ability to guide your project on the path to success. Since you will be able to tackle all the issues and manage resources in a much efficient way you will also gain the trust of your organization.

You will become a valuable asset to your organization and this way you will be able to achieve the much-needed flexibility in your role in the organization. You will be having a lot of opportunities to exploit.

If you are unemployed then getting a PRINCE2 certification ensures an organization that you will, definitely, be a reliable asset towards the attainment of organizational objectives.

This increases your chances of getting hired and landing a job with a handsome salary as compared to the non-certified people around you. So, a PRINCE2 certification will be a priceless and highly-valued addition to your resume.

4. Gain The Ability To Navigate Your Project Through Risks

Risks are inevitable in a project. But the real thing lies in how risks are handled. Generally, non-certified project managers lack the required skills to take on the risks in an efficient manner.

However, a PRINCE2 certification makes you aware of the standards of risk management. You don’t require waiting and thinking before applying an approach towards handling the risk.

Since you will be already aware of the risk related project management strategies you can utilize your skills and employ one of the standard approaches towards managing risks.

This way, you are better off than your non-certified peers as you will be able to handle and deal with project related risks, issues and problems in a much quicker and efficient way. In the end, you save up on your time, money as well as efforts.

How Many Persons Are Going For PRINCE2 Certification?

Let me tell you that according to statistics about 700-800 persons sit for PRINCE2 certification every week. This means that every week more than 500 persons are, definitely, being added to the list of professionals who have already gained the PRINCE2 certification.

These figures indicate the percentage of usage of PRINCE2 within an organization plus also clearly indicate the need for certified professionals.

I don’t think I need to tell you more about the advantages, benefits and the requirement of PRINCE2 certification. You must have understood by now that for counting you as a reliable asset an organization will, definitely, look for PRINCE2 certification.

So, if you are planning to go for the certification, don’t give a second thought and don’t make it late. Go for it and become an efficient and reliable resource for your organization.

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