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12 Best Prank Links To Send To Friends – 2022 {Working Websites}

Pranking is a refreshment from the current situation by diverting the person’s attention and making fun of it. Sometimes it may hurt them for a few minutes later it will become joyful memories for a long in the future. There are many different ways to prank people, neighbors, and friends.

The most important thing in pranking is it should not hurt the person’s sensitive nature. Nowadays, most people full time engaged with gadgets and mobiles devices. So here I listed websites and links that can prank our friends. Many links and websites are available to send our friends or even talk with them to prank them.

Prank links and websites can fool, shock, irritate, or even surprise our friends with motivations. Pranks can do in any situation, such as while working, celebrating, and even alone. Make that unexpected moment special by pranking them with a message, talking, and even disturbing them.

12 Best Websites To Prank Our Friends

It covers many different ways to prank our friends by sending fake news, hacking their browsers, fooling them with animated images, etc. But always, we should fool our friends easily by playing social media links and mobile usage. Here we have some particular websites/links to surprise our friends by sending it via mobiles and gadgets.

1. SMS Bomber

The SMS bomber is a tool to prank our friend’s expectations during their much-awaited moments. For example, if our friend is expecting greetings from neighbors for the next day’s special moment. We can prank them with an SMS bomber. The SMS bomber sends several messages to our friends to greet them. Later he will realize that all the messages are from a single person.

In SMS bomber web pages, we need to enter the mobile number of our fried and SMS count. And hit enter it will send those number of SMS to our friend. Try this with your friend. We can also download the SMS bomber APK for mobile to send tons of messages instantly. The PC version is also available on this website to download.

2. PrankDial

Prank Dial helps to make a prank call to our friends with many situational attempts. Prank dial has hundreds of scenarios to make a prank call to our friends. For example, we can play with the emotions like funny, celebrations, love, money, neighbor, politics, etc. Just download the scenario and make many calls to our friends to prank them, especially when he is in such a situation.

Prank dial apps are available for both android and apple application stores. We can easily download it from here and install it on our mobile. It provides more fun during the conversation with our friends.

3. Tenor Dance Party GIF

We can prank our friends by sending dance party GIF images. Tenor is the website to make gif animation from our office images. Just upload the image in Tenor. It will create a dance animated gif file. We can send it to our friends to prank them. Use our best friend’s office images to create a dancing party gif. So we created the image we can share with our friends one to one or even with our friends in our social media groups such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and more.

This type of prank provides more fun and enthusiasm towards our friends. Tenor can make many GIF formats for different situations such as dance, celebration, weekend, Friday, excitement, etc.

4. Send Random Facts

The Send random facts are a website to make friends and neighbors more exciting by sending facts about any topics. It may be inspirations, funny, guides and even pets care. Go to this website and enter our friend’s phone number to send facts. Then choose the topic in which the messages are sent to that number. That’s all. It will do the remaining.

It will be one of the best websites to prank our friends with excitement. We can even send irritating things or facts to our friends through this website. This website can have the option to block the number from pranking options as well. So we can prank with our friends that are safer as well.

5. Shit Express

Shit Express is the prank website that will send gift boxes with horse shit or elephant dung. We can send it to our friend after some angry situations like the temporary fight. We can send it to an irritating friend, colleague, and jealous person. It can be helpful for successful farming and plantation.

So we can send it to our friends to prank them and make them grow trees and small plants. This website sends it to the provided home address with a box of horse shit. It is the best place to send a box with some revenge to our haters.

6. Fake Update

Prank our friends and colleagues with fake update screens. The links are sent to our friends via email or other social media platforms. When our friends click on the link, it will show that our widows are updating. Please wait.. message with the progress bar. It also has the message that your PC will restart after the update is completed.

After a few seconds later our friend may realize that it was a frank or he can take some necessary action to recover his on-going work. Many fake update platforms are available even with virus update to prank our friends. We can choose any theme from this website to foolish our colleagues.

7. Squeak Voice Changer

Squeak Voice Changer is one of the funniest apps to prank our friends by changing our friend’s recorded voice conversation. By sending this voice to the same friend makes some fun in it. We can also modulate our voice and send it to our friends to fool them. We can select the fun filter for changing the voice and find the best out of many.

We can make our friends cry with a laugh and shrink in fear with voice-changer messages. We can share the filtered voice through SMS, WhatsApp, and even Facebook. Many voice filters are available to prank our friends with funny reactions.

8. Clone Zone

The clone zone is the website tool that will clone websites. We can send the cloned website URL to our friends to fool them. We can clone a popular web page and edit that web page with our content to prank friends. We can send the web page via email or share it with social media.

The clone zone websites help create fake news and offer to prank our friends. We can edit the tiles and swap images on a cloned website. So it looks like the original one. When our friends try to respond to those web pages, they will identify it as a prank.

9. Joker Greetings

Joker greetings are the gift card website to send greeting cards to our friends and neighbors. It has many greeting cards for festivals, special days, birthday collections, etc. Moreover, these greeting cards continuously use music for the celebration for three hours. It has a button; the sound will become higher when we try to off the music.

It is one of the best ways to have much fun on the celebration days. It helps to prank our friends with greetings as well. We can send birthdays, father’s day, and valentine’s collections to prank our partners.

10. Geek Typer

Geek typer is the web page that shows hacker warning messages on computers and TV shows. It is not an actual hacking process. A duplicate message is to be displayed to the users to prank them. We can send this link to friends to prank them once they have clicked the link with a computer or TV interface. It shows that a Warning message with someone is hacking your computer.

No one is hacking; it was only a page to prank our friends. We can download mobile apps and send them to our friends via mobile. Moreover, we can share the page as a link using social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

11. Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Ship your enemies glitter is a website that helps send message bombs, musical prank gift cards, Christmas bombs, and surprise boxes to our friends and even enemies. It helps to hurt someone’s celebration day with the prank.

The website has many gifts and bombs to choose anyone. To send it to our friends, click that image add an address we want to prank. They will send it after we purchase it. We can prank our enemies and friends by sending irritating music or text bombs.

12. ShadyURL

ShadyURL helps hide the original page URL in a shorter or even larger format. Even people who have technical knowledge have been fooled for some time. The shortened URL helps to share the page via microblogging websites like Twitter. We can send the longer version via email and other social media platforms.

Many savvy friends can even be fooled by this prank link shared on social media by hiding the original URL. It helps to prank our friends, colleagues, and communities with duplicate hacker pages and virus threads.

Wrapping Up The Sites To Prank Our Friends

In summary, the list of websites and links mentioned in this article helps to prank our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and even haters. We can use mobile numbers, emails, social media to share websites and links for pranking people. Moreover, these links are used to prank friends and relatives, not hurt anyone with irritating messages.

These sites help follow your friend’s emotions during special occasions, working hours, parties, and even in hopeless situations. So always prank your fried with fun and motivation by these links.

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