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Make Your Presentation Stand Out Using PoweredTemplate.com

Let it be an office or college presentation, the thing that impresses the audience is not only your appearance but also your confidence levels on the stage. When it comes to the belief, after all, the well-groomed dressing and though having the wonderful clear voice, the presentation is what that rules your mind at that time.

If you could prepare a presentation that amazes the audience, there should be nothing more to worry about. Yes! A clean presentation can only win the hearts in reality more than your dressing and appearance.

Is Presentation Itself That Inspiring?

The presentation is the key thing that holds the people’s concentration for longer times; it should be neatly designed and framed with nice points to explain. Probably, the best software that an average me or you would use is the Microsoft’s Office tool, PowerPoint.

PowerPoint presentations are the most common type. Because it would be easier to list out the points and slide them one after another with better animations and visual effects. There available many built-in PowerPoint templates in the tool itself and you can even download more from the Microsoft site.

If the presentation is not given that much important, why would we need so many templates and style slides? Have you ever given a thought about it?

The same happens with the Google Slides, one of the best online slides presentation creator. There available number of Google slides themes available which show the importance of the beautiful presentation.

So what? Have I not had enough PowerPoint templates/Google Slides themes?

There you are! Stopped right where I thought you would. All the templates available on official sites like Microsoft.com and Google.com are not enough to present every idea. Because ideas are more multi-dimensional than the templates that are available.

There is 3rd party presentation templates provider like http://www.poweredtemplate.com/ where you can find more PowerPoint themes, PPT background, charts and diagrams readymade. They have PowerPoint templates, word templates, designs, clip arts and even website templates sorted out in 35+ categories for particular easy pick and use.


Let’s take a look at the PoweredTemplate.com and see what else they have in their box and how better they are.

Renowned Features Of PoweredTemplate

Check the salient features of poweredtemplate.com now!

PowerPoint Themes

Powered Template probably has the world’s largest PowerPoint templates for different presentation purposes. The templates are eye-catchy, rich text-visibility enabled, points focused and neatly designed.

It is important to see that the texts on the slides are not outshined by the graphical content. The Powerpoint themes of PoweredTemplate are well taken care of that issue. You may find some cool Power themes by visiting http://www.poweredtemplate.com/ppt-powerpoint-design-templates.html and select the better one according to your presentation requirements.


PPT Background

Not only the impressive PowerPoint Templates, but the PoweredTemplate also offers a great variety of PPT background designs that are easily customizable. If you pick an ideal background image for your ideas, then it will be a memorable presentation for your audience.

Print Designs

Powered Templates have a vast gallery of brochure templates, business card templates, flyers, postcards, posters and even letterhead templates. All these templates are ready to download and use them in just one click.

These print designs will come to use for businesses with an urgent need for models. As you will be able to show your specific products through business brochure templates, it is more feasible to lead your customer growth and boost income.

Word Templates

Along with the presentation templates, Powered Template also showcases the Microsoft Word templates for designing the specific documents and cover pages. They are designed with high-quality images with click-to-input text facility for easy editing.

You can even make a magazine with these templates and print it out right away. So, creating your documents in a unique way and conveying your viewpoints with illustration would grab your readers’ attention because of your professionalism.

Website Templates

The exciting designs in the PoweredTemplate are the website templates. There available website templates with information-first pages where you can use them for the whole site or specific pages like landing pages for conversions.

Vector Clip Arts

Powered Template has a lot of vector clip arts on their website available for both free and commercial usage. You may find attractive PowerPoint Diagrams and Charts at http://charts.poweredtemplate.com/powerpoint-diagrams-charts/presentation-templates/0/index.html to make your presentation an unforgettable one.

Sometimes, even if you are using plain clean presentation templates, you might need clip arts which you don’t find even after a lot of googling and binging. At those times, Powered Template comes to use like an oasis in the desert.

Free Presentation Templates

PoweredTemplate contains provide not only the best premium presentation templates but also the free presentation templates that get updates time to time. You may try those free PPT templates download before you buy and use them.

Business Solutions

That’s all for individuals I suppose because I have found a business solutions page on their website giving information on fulfilling the needs of the private companies as per their requirement. It is an excellent opportunity for enterprises to facilitate this feature in getting their company/organization based templates designed.

Subscription plans

PoweredTemplate offers flexible subscription plans with the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly rates. However, the long-running subscriptions will save more money if you are planning for continued access. Let’s also discuss which one is better for you as per your needs.

There available two types of plans available, ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’, for the above told time pulses.

1-month Subscription

Silver Plan ($49) – Costing $4.90 per template, with silver plan, you are allowed to download only ten templates per month thereby limiting it 120 per year with a possible discount of only 5% on customization.

Under the silver plan, you are allowed to download PowerPoint Templates, Single Template Package, PowerPoint Templates, Additional Slides Package, PowerPoint Templates, Animated, PowerPoint Maps, Diagrams and Charts, Word Templates and Vector Clip Arts.

Gold Plan ($149) – Costing $2.98 per template, you are allowed to download 50 templates per month making it 600 templates per year with a possible discount of 15% on customization.

Under the gold plan, you are allowed to download all the types of designs offered by the Powered Template. They include, PowerPoint Templates, Single Template Package, PowerPoint Templates, Additional Slides Package, PowerPoint Templates, Animated, PowerPoint Maps, Diagrams and Charts, Word Templates, Vector Clip Art, Brochure Templates, Business Card Templates, Letterhead Templates, Postcard Templates, Newsletter Templates, Flyer Templates, Sale Poster Templates, Ad Templates, Website Templates which have a lot more type of designs then the silver plan.

3 months subscription

Silver Plan ($99-$33 per month) – Costing effectively $3.30 per template, you are allowed to download the same ten templates per month making it 120 per year of the total. The discount per customization remains 5% only for the silver plan for 3 months too.

Under sthe ilver plan for 3 months, you are allowed to download the same design types that are discussed above.

Gold Plan ($399-$133per month) – Costing effectively $2.66 per template, you are allowed to download the same 50 templates per month with tadiscount rate of 15% per customization.

Under the gold plan, you are allowed to download all the file types that are discussed above.

6 months subscription

Silver Plan ($199-$33.17 per month) – The effective cost per template varies at $3.25 per plan with same limitations of the download of number and type of designs of previous plans.

Gold Plan ($599-$99.83 per month) – The effective cost varies at $2 per template with the total allowed downloads of 50 per month, and all files types are permitted to download under this plan.
12 months subscription:

Silver Plan ($299-$24.92 per month) – Being the longest subscription plan available, the effective cost per template varies at $2.49 with the same silver plan limitations as of other plans.

Gold Plan ($799-$66.58 per month) – The biggest gold plan effect cost of the template varies at $1.33 along with the same allowed number of downloads and design types.


Final Words

PoweredTemplate.com is an excellent third-party tool resource for PowerPoint themes, attractive background for PowerPoint presentations, charts, diagrams, clip arts and website templates. You should consider your project duration, the need for some downloads and type of designs.

As they contain the best PPT templates and other supplement tools to choose, you can pick the best one for your needs and give a visual treat to the audience with a treasured impression.

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