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Why To Use Power Banks For Mobile Devices?

I have been using android and windows mobile phone for a long time and getting excited that they can be used to make our life better and easier. Even though the technology has improved a lot, I usually face an issue with the electronic gadgets, and it is nothing but its battery life! :-/ Even if you have 3 GB RAM, 2.7 GHz Clock Speed, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 21MP camera, but still the battery life seems to be the worst thing for most of the mobile phones.

Just keep Wi-Fi “ON” for a day and use the device for normal calling and texting, you will realize the fast battery drainage and it will not work for more than 16 hours at max. This problem exists in almost every mobile phone.

So are you worried about your quick battery drain? Do you need a power device to manage your phone battery when it dies fast? If so, I come with a perfect solution through power bank for mobile devices! 🙂

Power Banks for Mobile

Power banks are mainly produced to keep your gadgets to run for a longer time. I have been using power banks for a quite long time and in this post, I will be sharing my experience of using external power banks. Let’s discuss the matter from its basics!

What Are Power Banks?

The power bank is a simple, portable device that is used to charge the gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, and cameras. They come with a particular kind of battery and circuit which are covered by a case.

power-banks-for mobile-charging

When we charge the power bank, the electrical energy gets stored in it. This stored energy is used to charge the gadgets whenever needed. So, it stores the energy (power) and lets the user use it at any time. Thus, it is called power bank! :

Why Do We Need Power Bank For Mobile Devices?

The maximum life of a fully charged battery of any gadget is two days. In a normal case, it is just 24 hours and not even 24 hours for few gadgets.

Moreover, if you use torch light in the phone during emergency cases, play online games, have your 3G data ON throughout or if you have poor mobile signal, they will lead to quicker battery drain.

It would not be feasible and economically possible to carry extra batteries and replace them whenever the battery of the devices gets drained.


Also, it is not possible to connect the phone with the USB charger for most of the time. Furthermore, there are emergency cases when a battery can die, like while traveling, while in hospital, etc.

So, we need an impressive thing that can be carried easily and can be used to charge our tech device. This exciting tech tool is power bank and hope you understand why we need power banks! 🙂

What Are The Things To Consider While Buying Power Banks?

Before buying an external rechargeable battery packs, below are the few things to be considered.

Capacity of the Powerbank

Power banks are available in different capacity and output voltage. By capacity, we mean how much it can charge your device. The capacity is measured in mAh. So, if a 1500 mAh power bank will charge only 50% of your battery, then a 3000 mAh will charge 100% of your battery.

It also depends on the mAh of your battery. There are power banks of 30,000 mAh available on the market. So, higher the mAh, more it will charge the battery. A fully charged 10000 mAh power bank can completely charge your device four times (assuming the battery capacity of your device is 2,500 mAh).

Output Voltage

Output Voltage is an important aspect to be considered while buying an external power bank and make sure that it should not be much higher than the output voltage of your device. A high output voltage will quickly charge your mobile, but it will affect the total life span of the battery in an awful way. So, always go for exact or bit higher voltage than your device output voltage.

Say if a battery has an output of 5v “1.5 Amp”(1500 milli amps) and the battery capacity is 2200 mAh so that Lumia battery would charge in hours. While Oneplus one has an output of 5v “2 Amps” and its battery is 3000 mAh, and it will charge in 1.5 hours.

Even though Oneplus one has a bigger battery, it charges at the same time as Lumia battery because of Amps(Current)

So, if you use OPO’s charger for Lumia it will charge in about an hour but it will hamper the Lumia battery’s health if you constantly using it

Features & Quality

Many power banks for mobiles available which offer features like short-circuit pronely and over charging protection. Then there are branded power banks with multiple USB slots and their USB cable that is compatible with all kinds of gadgets.

Don’t go for power banks which do not provide these features at it can adversely affect your battery life span. Buying power bank for mobile charging just because it is cheap would not be a good choice. Go for quality power banks that exactly fulfill your needs.

Portability & Price

Power banks come in many shapes and size. Now they are portable enough to carry in pockets. So, go for a best portable power bank for mobile phones.

Also, make sure that you are not buying an overpriced power bank which is too big in size. You may buy power bank online with ease. Now, let’s have a look at the best power banks for phones & other tech devices.

Other Stuff

Power banks with prolonged cables would nudge you to carry extra weight. So, choose the best power bank with short cables to have it in your backpack forever.

Some branded power bank manufacturers have integrated small LED light to use it as a torch whenever needed. Therefore, you may opt power bank of this kind.

Top 3 Power Banks for Mobile

Now once you decide that you have to buy a powerbank, it then becomes very difficult to figure out, which powerbank should be purchased?!?! :-O Thus to ease your choice, I have listed out the following 3 power banks, which are the best in my opinion .

Following are the details of the three best available powerbanks for your smartphone (for Indian buyers):

Name Capacity Weight/Size Charge Limit Features Price (INR)
Mi Power Bank 10400 mAh 250 gm. 2.5 Times Full Mi3 Short Protection, Cell Protection Including OVP OCP, Thermal Protection During Charge and Discharge Stage 999
4.5 Times Full iPhone
1.5 Times Full iPad Mini
ihave ia1310 Boss 10000 mAh 281 gm. /117 mm x 64mm x 14.9mm 5 Times full iPhone 5S Short-circuit protection, Output overvoltage protection, Reverse charging protection 1300
3 Time full Galaxy S5
Lenovo Pa10400 10400 mAh 290 gm. 2 Time full Lenovo Vibe Double USB output, LED power indicator, Electricity-saving function 1990
4 Times Full iPhone

These 3 are the top power banks for phones & other mobile devices.

Solar Power Banks (A combination of electricity and solar energy)

Not only electric, solar power bank for mobile charging is also available. Below are its brief details.

If you’re puzzling with a question “how to charge a power bank”, then I’d say that it is possible with solar energy. Sun is an ultimate source of energy & power and thus the solar energy can be used in charging power banks.


Solar power banks come with a small solar panel and when they are placed in sunlight, these power banks get charged. Thus, many people consider the solar power bank as an awesome alternative of normal power banks and it saves a lot of electricity.

I’ve tried two solar power banks, one of 5000 mAh and another of 6000 mAh and everything is perfect. They are even rainproof in some cases. But there may be some problems like consuming a lot of time to charge and device getting heated while charging.

For example, when I used solar power banks to charge Moto G2 and Lumia 720, only 4% of Moto G2 battery was and only 7% of Lumia 730 battery was charged, when I had kept the powerbanks in Sun to get themselves charged during 4 hours. So technically it could be said that, “solar” power banks could hardly serve the purpose, unless you are on a hike, and even 7% of your battery life could do all wonders! 😀


Sometimes, the phone gets heated when it’s being charged with the power bank. This is because, usually the power banks don’t meet the industrial standards with the original mobile charger. But this doesn’t mean that power bank should be completely ignored.

Just because of some power fluctuations, your gadgets might get heated while charging with the power banks.

Final Words:

In this era, when everyone is trying to save their time and look out for shot-cuts!

Power banks are an amazing invention and are really helpful gadgets. Let me know which best power bank for mobile gadgets do you use and how well it works? 

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