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Most Popular Online Jobs To Make Money From Home

The Internet acts as a boon to many people in the world, especially to those individuals who love to work from their home with the help of internet. Many persons in the world hate to acclimatize themselves in 9 to 5 desk job and rather pursue their career with the aid of online jobs.

On the internet, you will find a different type of employment, and you can choose anyone depending on your proficiency and caliber. People mostly think that online jobs are not profitable enough, but this is a myth followed by narrow-minded people.

Online job is now getting the limelight, and many individuals are opting for this career because it is profitable, creative and saves a lot of time. This new age trend is becoming a sensation in the world, and lots of people are opting for this job.

There are dozens of jobs in the online market, and you have to grab the ideal which will suit your proficiency. From the online jobs, you can earn ten thousand more per month, and this figure is at a minimum level. With more effort, this earning can quickly reach fifty thousand figures with any issue.

There are numerous websites where people from anywhere in the world can log in and look for the project which they can deliver with high quality. There is tremendous versatility in online jobs so people from any educational background can get into the online job market.

Another benefit of choosing the net jobs is that you won’t have to appear for an interview, but sometimes you need to show some samples to the new client before getting assignments.

So if you are eager to start your career with internet jobs, then you can follow this article which will provide the name of well-know web-based jobs that can provide more money and satisfaction that ordinary desk jobs.

Famous Jobs To Earn Money On The Web 

Here is the list of names of most popular online jobs that have changed the scenario of the job market and has assisted many people to fill their bank account with the huge amount of money.


1. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing serves as the most popular online jobs in the world, and it has provided an opportunity to show their talent. This online job offers an excellent return to the writers. If you have proficiency in English, then you can find work in freelance websites like UpWork, Elance, Freelancers, etc.

2. Blogging

Blog Writing is a well-known online job where you can blog for yourself and fill those with quality information which can be useful for the viewers. There are many blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, etc. where you can create your free or a paid blog.

You need to do some content marketing to get the traffic and to build your brand. You can monetize your blog with the help of various ad networks like AdSense or affiliate marketing.

3. Proofreading And Editing

Proofreading and editing might seem eccentric, but this work is getting a good amount of hype on the internet. People who have a proper hold in grammar and have creative mind can quickly take up this job. Clients will provide your content, which you have to proofread and edit and in return, they will pay you a hefty price.

4. Amazon And eBay Seller

Amazon and eBay online seller are affiliate marketers who promote products on Amazon and eBay on their blogs or websites. So when buyers, purchase the particular product through their blog or site, the e-commerce companies provide a commission to them.

5. Product Testing And Reviewing

Product testing and reviewing is the current rage in the market, and many companies pay a good amount of money to testers for reviewing their product. You can even work for a third party, and you will provide your review to them. The earning in this sector is quite good, and if you gain popularity, then you will be showered with money.

6. Online Academic Tutoring

Online academic tutoring is a unique way of teaching small children, and it is done through live video chat software like Skype. If you have proper teaching skills, you can tutor school going children and help them with studies. You can make your websites to teach students or opt for third party companies.

7. Logo Designing Job

Logo designing is one of the most favorite jobs in the online market, and many people with creative mind earn a good amount of money by designing a logo for others. Currently, Fiverr.com serves as the best platform to grab projects for logo designing, and many clients pay an impressive amount of money to the designers.

8. Translation Job

Translation is getting popular in many countries, and many websites are providing online jobs to individuals to translate the contents to regional language. The pay entirely depends on the client, but you can easily earn more than twenty thousand if you gain proper credibility.

9. Website Designing

Freelance sites Freelancers, Fiverr, and many such sites provide a platform to website designers to earn money from their talent. If you have knowledge in HTML5, PHP, CS, HTML and other languages, you can easily design sites for your clients. A large number of website designing jobs are posted on the freelance sites.

10. Micro Jobs

Online micro jobs have become a sensation in the online job market, and in these jobs, you are paid for simple tasks. Micro jobs include clicking ads, watching videos, registering for websites, reading emails, going through links, etc. However the money is not great, but if you dedicate a good amount of time, then you can easily earn decent money.

11. Virtual Assistant

The internet is crowded with a large array of websites of various businesses, and most of the sites hire virtual assistants to administer and keep the site organized. It is also replying to emails, responding to the media, distributing documents, etc.

Up work and Zirtual sites provide opportunities for freelancers to get virtual assistant job and clients pay handsome salary. You can offer the help to multiple clients, but this proficiency comes with experience. In simple words, you will be working as an outsourcer for someone and get paid. 

12. Digital Journalism

Digital journalism is currently gaining popularity on the internet, and this job is quite similar to the regular reporting process done by journalists. You will be writing articles or blogs for news channel’s websites, and you can even write stories for the web desk of BBC, CNN and many other news channels.

13. eBook Writer And Seller

People who have a passion for writing can easily pursue this job where they will write eBooks and sell them for a small amount of money. When you gain popularity among your viewers, many publishers will pay you money to print those eBooks. It is a promising job, but it depends upon your creativity and marketing skills.

14. SEO Expert

The SEO Expert job is currently the most demanding position in the freelance community and clients pay a good amount of money to these professions. In this online job, you have to optimize your customer’s website so that it can get good ranking in the Google search result page. However, this job needs a lot of expertise, but if you have that proficiency, you can easily add thirty to forty thousand rupees per month.

15. Domain Seller And Buyer

Buying and selling domains is a huge market, and you can earn a lot of money by selling domains to clients. This is an online job where you have to buy domains and sell to companies who need them. Many people have made million by selling old domain names.

Wrapping Up

Online jobs create the home employment opportunities and let the people enjoy their work with high flexibility. You will love the boss-free atmosphere while making the revenue. 

No dress code, No travel, No boss, No strict working schedule and much more. It’s just amazing, isn’t it? Just you need to work with more focus as you get distracted easily when your work from home. 

I hope this list of most popular internet jobs would help you make money at home without stepping out of your home. If you are looking to start any of the programs from the list, then you can check SureJob online jobs which provided detailed guide & training for all these jobs. 

Do you agree with my opinion about the web based jobs? What do you think about these work from home jobs? Share your beautiful thoughts in the comment section. 

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