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Playing 4K Video on your Gadget

Are you one of those who love playing with their newly purchased Galaxy Note 3? Do you love watching high-quality videos on your Galaxy Note 3? Have you ever tried to convert videos from one format to another on your Mac and Windows operating system? If your answer to all the above-mentioned questions is YES, you are spot-on to get introduced to Firecoresoft video converter for Mac.

Note: 4K videos are the videos with 4096 X 2304 pixels or in other words, somewhere about 8 million pixels. These types of videos are really popular these days and they offer great video quality with great film production.

About Firecoresoft Video Converter

Firecoresoft video converter is a 4K video converter for Mac and Windows, which lets you play high-quality videos in a number of popular formats. The popular devices that are supported by Firecoresoft video converter are iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Using Firecoresoft Video Converter

You can transfer videos to portable gadgets, for example Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4. With this software, you can play 4K videos on Galaxy Note 3. Normally, when you transfer 4K videos to portable mobile devices, you are unable to watch the videos on them; because there are video compatibility issues while playing the videos. So, in such cases, you can always convert the video formats and then, play them on the devices.

Firecoresoft video converter can support and convert different 4K video formats, such as MP4, MTS, iMovie, Vegas, FCE, and Premiere. After converting videos appropriately in relevant video formats, you can play 4K videos on your supported portable devices.

Working with Firecoresoft Video Converter

You can perform the following steps to work with Firecoresoft video converter for playing 4K videos on your Galaxy Note 3 or other portable devices:

1. Download the Firecoresoft video converter from the above-mentioned linkfor using the free trial of the software.

2. Install the video converter in your systemby following the instructions that appear subsequently.

3. Run the software after it is downloaded successfully.

The Firecoresoft Video Converter window appears (Figure 1).

4. Click the Add Files button in the top left-hand corner of the window to add the video files from your system, as shown in Figure 1:

Firecoresoft Video Converter2

The Open dialog box appears (Figure 2).

5. Browse to the location from where you want to add the desired video files. In our case we have browsed to the location, as shown in Figure 2:

Firecoresoft Video Converter1

6. Select the video format to convert the selected video, as shown in Figure 3:

Firecoresoft Video Converter

7. Click the round green button to start the conversion.

The video is saved in the selected video format.

After performing the above-mentioned steps, you can easily play 4K video on Galaxy Note 3 and other devices.

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