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5 Online Personal Finances Courses Worth Investing In

A vital part of getting your personal finances under control is understanding how finance works; hence these five online personal finance courses that are worth investing in this year.

Created by financial experts, these courses will help you get a grip on spending, budgeting, investing, retirement planning, and much more.

There’s even a free course that only requires an investment of your time! Keep reading to learn about these five online courses.

5 Best Finances Courses Available On The Web

1. Brigham University Finance Course (Free)

Whether you’re a beginner at personal finance balancing your first checkbook, or a seasoned veteran who wants to learn more effective ways to manage their money, Brigham Young University’s (free) personal finance course is certainly worth investing time into.

You’ll learn everything from why personal finance is so important to retirement planning and investing.
This course includes videos and assignments to ensure you’ve absorbed what you’re learning.

It’s appropriate for people of all ages and financial backgrounds. For the DIY-type personal finance folks out there, this is an excellent course that doesn’t require any sort of monetary investment to use.

Simply head on over to the University’s website, and you can get started right away improving your personal finances and learning to properly invest your money.

2. The Core Four of Personal Finance (Udemy)

With 3.5 hours of on-demand video and lifetime access to the course for just $19.99, not only is this course informative, but it’s also quite affordable; even for those operating on a shoestring budget.

According to Son Han, the course’s founder, there are four core principals to personal finance that everyone must understand.

With this course, you’ll learn how to manage debt, protect your identity and credit, learn how to invest, learn about budgeting, and much more. This is the perfect course for the artist in San Francisco or the new investor in the midwest.

Wherever you are, and whatever you do for a living, Udemy’s personal finance course is well worth the investment. $20 is definitely a reasonable price compared to some of the other finance courses out there.

Head over to Udemy’s website today to find hundreds of other courses on just about anything you can imagine; from finance to art to business management and more!

3. Accounting in Only One Hour (Skillshare)

If you’re looking for a quick introductory course to financing and have an hour to spare, this Skillshare course is the one for you!

You’ll learn how to create a simple balance sheet and how to keep track of your spending and your expenses. This valuable course doesn’t take much time to complete, and is the work of Son Han once more; who founded brainymoney.com.

The site contains a wealth of resources related to personal finance, and since Son’s courses are some of the best there is, you can be sure you’re learning how to manage your finances from a tried and true expert in the field.

In addition to these amazing personal finance courses, you might want to consider the help of a financial advisor to augment the learning process. Advisors are experts in investing, planning for retirement, and more!

You can compare the 5 best financial advisors on the Careful Cents site for more information.

4. Personal and Family Financial Planning (Coursera)

With over 45,000 people already enrolled, this free online finance course from the Univerity of Florida (hosted on Coursera) is the perfect fit for anyone trying to get ahold of their personal finances.

Whether you’re a bachelor or starting a family, this course will cover everything from the most basic budgeting to skills to advanced retirement planning and beyond.

Best of all, this is a free course, so you’ll only need one investment to make it happen: your time. The course itself takes about thirteen hours to complete but is 100% online, so you can access it from anywhere at any time.

Sign up today and learn why so many people trust this course to get their personal finances in order!

5. Financial Literacy (Alison)

A 6-10 hour course on personal finance hosted on Alison.com, Financial Literacy teaches you how to be competent in your personal finances and how to get your budget on track.

With a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, this course is a favorite among its users and full of valuable information for people of all ages.

This is another free course, requiring only an investment of time to complete. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll feel that much better about managing your personal finances.

If you achieve 80% or higher in the course, you’ll be granted a certificate and will pass the course.


Personal finance doesn’t have to be a mystery. With thousands of courses available online, there are plenty of opportunities to learn what it takes to be the master of your own financial destiny.

Take advantage of these courses today to begin working toward your personal finance goals.

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