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Personal Data should always be Private


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Remember, when the safety briefing at school used to be about strange danger – when you might meet someone on the street, who might or might not talk to you but you should never talk back. Those were the days of simple dangers – seen, and easy to secure against – because you always came home when the street lights came on.

Now safety briefings tend to focus more on the invisible world of data – on how it can be secure, on making sure, you always have access, to making sure, no one else can get access – and – if something happens ­ that you have a back­up plan. In these more complex days, you find, that your children are more adept at understanding the world of data encryption and secure migration than you are. When did things suddenly become so complicated?

Our personal Google accounts can be the source of all our correspondence. It might be the place that your child actually communicates – when they happen upon a café somewhere in Thailand with internet access. It could be the place where you run your home-based business – selling your art or selling your writing or managing your admin. Losing access to your account can start to not only cost you vital contact with an offspring but cost you money and future business.

This is not just a matter of convenience – or avoiding inconvenience – this is a matter of keeping your world safe.  This is not just about being paranoid. It is about being realistic. Your identity is valuable. Your good name and your good credit rating are the golden egg for the criminal, who wants to take advantage. Thousands upon thousands of pounds can

disappear in an instant: you have seen the adverts, I’m sure. An innocent, everyday person is going about their day, browsing on their smartphone and tablets and a powerful voice­over describes how they are being robbed of that instant ­ thousands taken from under their nose, whilst they are completely unaware.

Therefore, we are faced with the dilemma of accessing this new mobile world; with 24/7 access and making sure, our world in safe and making sure our details are private. The extreme response would be to shy away and refuse to interact, but what a wonderful opportunity you would be passing up. It would be the childhood equivalent of telling your parents, you didn’t want to play out at night, now you know strangers exist. We cannot hide away from the world; we just need to be properly informed of the stranger dangers that exist in the world of the internet.

personal data security

So, the question comes out in front of us are:

What are the back­up solutions for me?

How can I protect my personal account?

Who are the people to turn to that can help me keep my business running, contact with my children and access to all my records?

It is simpler than you think. There are cloud­to­cloud backup and recovery services available for individuals – it is not just something major industry and service providers should consider – your personal account is important to you.

So, you should ask:

What are the backup solutions for me?

Click it and you will see, where you can get help to keep your private world from going public. They will recover your account, even when passwords and usernames elude you, they will recover your account even if you accidently delete crucial emails. They will automatically backup your account daily. This is the new way of being secure – even before the street lights come on.

So, feel free to enter the digital world freely and take advantage of all the adventures available to you.

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