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Paint.Net – A Best Free Image Editing Software

Gone are the days when you have to open Adobe Photoshop or those heavy image editing software’s to edit your pictures. Not only these kinds of software’s are complex in use but they are costly too. Apart from that, you need to work all day long just for a quick image retouch. There is a need of a software which is quick, easy to use and offers all the features with plugins. And that software is Paint.Net version 4.0.3

What is Paint.Net?

Paint.net has been created as a replacement for Windows paint image editor but it turned out to be better than it. It is window’s only desktop image editing software which offers features like simple user interface, large number of plugins and free to use.


System requirements of Paint.Net

Paint.net can be downloaded directly from the website www.getpaint.net. It will download a zip file and you will have to install the application.

Since it is an image editing software, there are certain system requirements. If you have Microsoft.net framework already installed in your system then it will run in a smooth manner otherwise Pain.net will automatically download it for you. You need

• Microsoft.Net Framework

• Dual-core processor

• Windows 7 or later

• 512 MB RAM and 200 MB free disk space

Remarkable features of Paint.Net

Below are the main features of Paint.Net!

Attractive Interface

A user can work with many images at the first time all because of clean and accessible interface. A beginner can work like a pro with easily recognizable menu icons.

Support for layers

Layer inclusions is a feature which you will find only in paid and heavy software’s like Adobe Photoshop or Picasa. Unlike most free image editing applications Paint.net offers layers support, semi transparent windows and has action manager.


The option of adding plugins into the applications makes Paint. Net the best image editing software. You can download as many plug-ins from the website as you wish and all these plugins are free to use.

Paint.Net Pros

• Fast and easy to use. A beginner can also work on it.

• Built-in Special effects and choice of filters to go creative with your pictures.

• Unlimited levels of undo.

• Option to use magic band with transparent tool menu box makes Paint.net a wonderful experience.

• Gradient tool with an option of 3D layering is also available.

• With blending mode you can draw directly and there are soft brushes for brush tools.

• 3D Rotation, Zoom in and out and smoother mouse input for drawing tools.

• Automatically updates itself so that you can always work on a latest version.

• Support all image formats

Paint.Net Cons

• Available only for windows version 7.0 or above. Not available for Mac.

• Very high system requirements

• No photo organization and sharing feature

• No advanced features for experienced users

A video showing use of Paint.net

Paint.Net Specifications

Type: Personal Freeware

Cost: Free

OS Compatibility: Windows 7 and later

Version: 4.0.3

Size: 6MB

Final Verdict:

For those who find it difficult to work on Photoshop, Paint.net offers all those features and makes them easy to use. With thousands of plugins to choose from Paint.net certainly makes image editing a joyful ride. This program have a large and active following so you can find many tips, tutorials and hints on Paint.Net forums. It is powerful, easy to use software and does not affect your pocket (It is free) so start using it now and soon you will become expert in image editing.

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