SEO for Beginners

Having a blog is a great hobby for a lot of people, but sometimes you enjoy it so much that you want to take it to the next level. You may be surprised to know that a lot of bloggers these days are making a living off their blogging, and their income comes from a variety of sources. One of …

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Windows 8.1 (The New Windows)

Windows 8.1

Microsoft had their nerves going all swelled up just after the release of the Windows 8.1, as all their hopes were on this OS which they considered the future of OS. The preview version was launched a while back and the cracked versions of the OS made a huge way into the holics and the windows users. But just what …

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Top Free Android Apps of the week

android free apps

Android apps market. “Playstore” is known for its apps that come and go just like that. Every week we get a whole lot of apps, games, updates any many more. But which app to go for? Here is a list of the top and the best free android apps of this week. Clash of Clans The famous combat aka hit …

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Sony Xperia C Review

Sony Xperia C

Ranging from all the high priced phones to the low ones, from the high-end devices to the devices running on the basic OS’s, and with the advent of Sony Xperia’s most awaited “Z1”, the gadget selling giant have come to a point where it has reached a whole new level. But this device has acted like the cloud which has covered …

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Recuva: File Recovery Tool

We all might have gone through this scenario, when we have accidentally deleted a file which was kind of important, or clicked Yes when you should have clicked No. Generally the solution is simple i.e. restore that file from the Recycle bin and BOOM you are happy like a child but what if you have already emptied the Recycle bin? …

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

Nowadays every third person carries a smartphone in their pocket. But time has come where people are looking for smaller second screen to know what’s going on around with ease. In this way of progress Technology giant Samsung released The Samsung Galaxy Gear which is the latest development in the smartwatch scene. A smartwatch is a device that serves as …

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The Best File Explorers for Android

File manager are an essential part of any operating system. The Android market is full of variety and useful apps for managing and exploring files. But which one is the best? That’s a tough question to answer. Below is the list of best file manager apps that every user would like to have in their smartphones.       Root …

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AVG 2014 Review

AVG Technologies began in 90’s and is now one of the biggest troupes in the Antivirus market with corporate office all around the world. AVG Antivirus is one of a handful of the best-performing antivirus software product in the world. AVG 2014 is dedicated to home users and gives a glimpse of the latest system protection utilities perfected by AVG. …

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Rising Demand of Mobile Phone Insurance


The innovation in the gadget world has made every gadget pricier. With every new release, the size of Smartphone shrinks and its price increases. With the rise in the demand of the smartphones, mobile phone insurance has also gained great demand. People are getting serious for their phones due to its excessive pricing and moreover the love they develop for …

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Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8.1 & 8 Versions


So far, among the versions of Windows, the latest released Windows 8.1 & 8 has some good security features against system virus.  With growing exposure to the internet & download facilities, and the constant need to clean up the system, it becomes a tedious task to choose the best antivirus software with Multi-layer threat protection to keep the system safe and secure.  …

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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week

Below are some of the top pick apps of the week FIFA 14 This EA SPORTSTM game has superior graphics and is packed with tons of real football leagues, teams, stadiums and players. Features 33 leagues with over 600 licensed teams, and more than 16,000 players. Offers commentaries for the first time on mobile in English, French, German, Italian and …

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Sony Xperia Z1 Review

This year has welcomed a number of classy and edge cutting smart-phone. It started with Sony Xperia Z. Since then we have seen Galaxy S4, HTC One, Lumia 920, Blackberry Q10,LG G2 and iPhone 5s. Now, as the 2013 draws to a close, we’re witnessing the emergence of a new breed of Android smartphone, with bigger screen, fast new Snapdragon …

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Samsung Galaxy Note III Review

Two years ago at a consumer electronics conference held in Berlin, Samsung took the stage and uncovered the introduction of booming smartphone genre starting with – Samsung Galaxy Note. The latest phone in the company’s series is the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The new 5.7-inch note comes with an S Pen stylus that is now more functional than …

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