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Adguard Web Filter


The Internet is one of the most interactive, intuitive and exciting thing that has touched human life. It has many merits as well as demerits. But we often disregard the negatives. The internet today has become a wholesome of almost everything you want. The internet is filled with with websites, blogs and many other networking areas; furthermore these websites are flooded with …

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BackUp Maker Review


The hard drive gets all messed up, it gets all crashed and the Windows takes no heed to boot the system. What will you do ? We have no other option but to change the whole drive itself, losing all our data; images, videos, personal documents and many more. We heard the famous phrase, “Prevention is better than cure”. So …

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Review of iOrgSoft AVCHD Converter

AVCHD Video Converter

Now you can watch all your high definition videos in your mobiles and computers. You do not need to have your camcorders and cameras everywhere to play and see your recordings. Every recording of yours can be played and enjoyed, because now you have iOrgSoft AVCHD converter for Mac and Windows. About iOrgSoft AVCHD converter iOrgSoft converter is an AVCHD …

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